Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) isn’t just another technology; it’s the frontier of genomics, capable of decoding millions of DNA fragments concurrently. This transformative power has set a new gold standard in genomics and biological inquiry, but it demands precision at every turn. The true potential of NGS can only be harnessed with the finest of tools.

In the NGS realm, the fidelity of oligos is not just a requirement, but the linchpin of success. A slight imperfection or contamination can derail an entire sequencing project, translating to lost hours and investment. Recognizing this pivotal need, Synbio Technologies developed our Syno C Oligo Synthesis Platform. Our platform isn’t just about delivering oligos; it’s about delivering confidence, precision, and unparalleled quality, ensuring that every NGS endeavor you undertake is primed for success. Choose Synbio Technologies, and let us empower your NGS journey with unmatched oligo solutions.


Competitive Advantages

  • Industry-Leading Coupling Efficiency: Minimally reduce the dimer generation of synthetic oligos.
  • Exclusive Production Processes: Standardized and stringent quality controls ensure batch-to-batch consistency.
  • Low Levels of the Cross-Contamination: Strict purification standards generate higher quality products, often with purity ≥90%.
  • Flexible Oligo Specifications: Customizable formulation, mixing options and documentations are available.

Custom High Quality Oligos for NGS Services

Our NGS grade oligos are recommended for a variety of requests independent of the instrument or technology. Customized synthesis, modification, purification and delivery is provided to meet all our customer’s needs. 

  • Amplification Oligos
  • Sequencing Oligos
Specification Length Turnaround Time Deliverables Price
Indexed Adapters 60~70bp 5~7 Business days
  • Products in tube/plate/chip
  • Comprehensive QC report (HPLC, MS)
Capture Probe (DNA oligo – 120nt biotin, Oligo pools, Multiplex PCR oligos) 10~170bp Inquire
Blocking Oligos ~60bp 5~7 Business days
Other NGS oligos 10~150bp