Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Synbio Technologies has set up a special coronavirus emergency project team, working against time to produce virus-related probes, genes, and protein products. We are currently providing comprehensive COVID-19 DNA solutions and working with our clients and partners from hospitals, scientific research institutes, and enterprises to fight the disease.

Detection Strategy

Synbio Technologies has prepared a series of primers and probes for COVID-19 detection in batches according to WHO and CDC latest official documents. We provide a free trial package and guarantee the supply of a million copies of nucleic acid diagnostic probes daily to speed up disease detection and research.
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Therapeutic Strategy

Our exclusive CI system can facilitate the accurate, fast, and high-quality gene synthesis of any sequence. Syno® Ab is our de novo antibody design & production platform based on the combination of the DNA manufacturing with antibody molecule computer simulation design. Syno® Ab helps researchers effectively reduce costs and time on designated target design, neutralizing antibodies generation, and drug discovery.
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Preventive Strategy

Syno® GPS is our advanced biotechnology transformation and application platform. We effectively serve the development and production of genetically engineered vaccines, nucleic acid vaccines and therapeutic vaccines. Currently, we have completed the synthesis of all structural and non-structural protein genes / fragments of COVID-19. This has promoted virus recombinant proteins acquisition and vaccine development research.
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Synbio Technologies has been using our efforts to realize the company’s vision of “Genes for Life”. We hope that, through our one stop DNA solutions to COVID-19 and powerful synthetic technology platforms, we can accelerate virus research and help benefit each patient’s life as soon as possible.