Advances in DNA synthesis technologies have made it possible to synthesize and construct new metabolic pathways and chromosomes elements while increasing our understanding to system horizontal phenomena. According to underlying design principles, the synthesis of ultra-long DNA fragments altered the genetic structure of pathways and chromosomes. In 2016, 25 scientists from Harvard University, MIT, New York University, and other universities announced that they would raise $100 million to launch Genome Project-Write Project (GP-write). This project includes microbial genome and human genome synthesis, hoping to find a better understanding and application for life system through synthetic biology, gene editing, and other technologies. In May 2017, Synbio Technologies was invited to attend the Genome Project-Write Meeting (GP-Write) held at the New York Genome Center. Ultra-long genome synthesis is supposed to promote biological gene transformation and support the research and development of bio-based therapies, vaccines, materials, energy, nutrients, and disease vectors.


  • GPS platform—Advanced platform for biotechnological transformation and application
    Gene design and construction, phenotype verification, and comprehensive application combined by genotype, phenotype, and Synotype.
  • Chip-Based DNA Synthesis Platform
    High-throughput synthesis ensuring gene sequences are 100% accurate in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • Professional Assembly Technology
    Synbio Technologies’ self-developed synthetic assembly technology provides customized and cost-effective gene synthesis and assembly services. Using this technology, we can successfully assemble a single DNA sequence up to 150 kbp in length.
  • Bioinformatics Analysis
    Our experienced bioinformatics team can provide efficient technical support and research analysis.