Synbio Technologies offers comprehensive, high-quality protein expression and purification services for customers. Our cutting-edge recombinant platforms are powered by advanced Syno Codon optimization technology to yield optimal levels of proteins with outstanding solubility ranging from milligrams to grams. With our extensive experience in the field, you can rely on us for reliable production of highly pure recombinant antigen and antibody products!

Protein & Peptide

Our customers benefit from our high quality products backed by our knowledgeable staff that have years of experience in peptide and protein chemistry expertise. All products undergo rigorous quality control tests such as HPLC/UPLC-MS/MS analysis, SDS page followed by Western Blotting, enzyme activity assays etc., so that they meet client’s expectations. Our team provides up-to-date information on the progress of projects including any obstacles that arise throughout the research process while striving to deliver results at competitive prices with quick turnaround times.

Our goal is to provide the best services possible. We have been doing this for years and are experts in what we do! Our success rate far exceed 95%. In addition, all proteins generated by us will be high quality with purity rates well over 90%. Furthermore if you’re looking for a specific type or amount then don’t worry because four major platforms allow us generate any amount imaginable from milligrams up onto grams