With years of experience in protein expression, Synbio Technologies has developed a cost-effective bacterial expression platform to deliver high quality proteins to our customers. By using our self-developed NG Codon optimization technology and mature expression system, the expression level in bacterial can be significantly improved. We offer guaranteed services, starting with our proprietary codon optimization, followed by gene synthesis, vector construction, all the way to protein expression and purification to ensure the expression of the target protein. If we fail to give you your desired Protein, there will be no charge.

You only need to provide us with the sequence of the target protein. Then, we can deliver the specified quantity and purity of the target protein within a minimum of 4 weeks, ensuring your downstream experiments.

Competitive Advantages

  • Proprietary NG Codon optimization technology : Significantly improve protein expression level and solubility, with a success rate of up to 95% in the expression system of E. coli.
  • Comprehensive Solution : Provide one-stop solution from gene synthesis to protein expression and purification
  • High Quality Guaranteed : There is no charge if we fail to deliver you desired proteins.
  • Competitive Price : Starting from $1299.
  • Fast Turnaround Time : As short as 4 weeks.

Service Process

Service Specifications

Steps Specification Deliveries Timeline Price
Gene synthesis
  • Codon optimization and gene synthesis
  • Sub cloning into appropriate expression vector
  • Various tags are available, such as His, SUMO,TRX,GST…
  • 2~5 µg lyophilized plasmid DNA
  • 1 mg-5 mg protein products
  • Purity options: 85%, 90%, 95%
  • Endotoxin level options: ≤0.1 EU/μg
  • Certificate of analysis
≤2 weeks Starting from $1299
Protein Expression Testing and Purification, Tag Removal (Optional) & Refolding (Optional)
  • Transform plasmids into appropriate bacterial expression strain
  • Protein expression evaluation
≤3 week
  • Scale up protein expression
  • Purification to reach desired protein amounts and purity
  • Tag removal and separation of tag-free protein (if requested)
  • Refolding in case of insoluble protein (performed only if required)
QC & Delivery
  • Western Blot (if requested)
  • Bradford assay for quantitation
  • Protein delivery
≤1 week

* Membrane proteins and toxic proteins are excluded
* For gram level large-scale protein production, please contact quote@synbio-tech.com.

Catalog Description
HX-85Pro 85% purity, tagged protein, protein MW between 15KD and 120KD
HX-90Pro 90% purity, tagged protein, protein MW between 15KD and 120KD
HX-95Pro 95% purity, tagged protein, protein MW between 15KD and 120KD
HX-15Pro 85% or 90% purity, tagged protein, protein MW ≤ 15KD

* Evaluation is required before the project starts.

Case Studies