DNA Reading ServicesSynbio Technologies offers comprehensive DNA reading services to meet the demands of today’s scientific research. Our service utilizes a range of sequencing platforms, including Sanger sequencing and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), to provide detailed genetic data quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. With our DNA sequencing services, scientists can gain insights into gene expression levels, polymorphisms and variants, genomic structure, gene regulation dynamics, and more.

Our team of experienced biologists and bioinformaticians specialize in extracting maximal information from each sequenced sample. We use a variety of methods to analyze the data generated from different sequencing approaches; these methods include de novo assembly of whole genomes or transcriptomes, gene quantification using RNA-seq data, SNP genotyping or variant calls using WGS data, comparative analysis using multiple sequence alignment tools, phylogenetic reconstruction using nucleotide sequences as well as protein sequences. All our analyses are supplemented with manual curation for validation purposes.

We strive to ensure that all projects reach their desired outcome. To ensure quality results every time, we employ numerous precautions such as careful sample preparation before sequencing and rigorous quality control during the course of the project. Additionally we also offer additional services like library construction for NGS projects. With our expertise in cutting edge techniques for DNA reading services, we guarantee sequencing results that are accurate, reproducible and reliable every single time.