DNA is a biological macromolecule that stores genetic information. With its density, ease of replication, and long-term stability, DNA has the potential to serve as the ideal storage medium, answer to a uniquely 21st-century problem: information explosion. The thumb-sized DNA can theoretically store all of the information on the entire internet.

With DNA as the data storage medium, the first challenge is to realize the bidirectional conversion between digital information and DNA coding. Synbio Technologies can accurately convert every English character to A, T, C and G four bases with on our patented DNA StudioTM. By using our bioinformatics tools to create a virtual reality (VR) of the microscopic structure (DNA secondary structure) and the corresponding DNA sequence, so that the “gene” of the information has a map.

Mysterious DNA no longer exists only in the laboratory, and A, T, C and G is no longer abstract bases. These characters are encrypted and endowed with a new vector. Written in DNA, we can synthesis any gene and we can encrypt your IP.

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