Synbio Technologies is at the forefront of a field known as DNA-RNA writing. This complex process involves utilizing advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence in concert with our leading gene synthesis technology. The objective is to create smarter, more precise gene sequences—a process we have dubbed “deep gene synthesis.” This sophisticated technique takes traditional gene synthesis and propels it into an entirely new realm of innovation.

We’ve revolutionized the standard DNA-RNA writing process by streamlining and refining the synthesis process. The deep synthesis method at Synbio Technologies includes several essential steps to ensure accurate and efficient gene creation. The Complexity Index Analysis (CI Analysis), is a thorough examination of the genetic sequence being synthesized. This ensures that our resulting gene sequences are as precise as possible. We also employ Synthetic Cycle Prediction (AI-TAT), a system that accurately predicts when each synthetic cycle will be complete, ensuring that our projects are delivered in a timely manner. We also utilize Codon Optimization, a process by which we adjust the gene sequence for optimal functionality within the organism it is intended for. Lastly, our process includes Artificial Intelligence Aided Assembly (AI Assembly), utilizing AI to ensure the accurate assembly of the DNA sequence.

At Synbio Technologies, we are making strides towards applications that have the potential to drastically change life as we know it. Our comprehensive oligo and gene synthesis platforms enable us to synthesize over 3 million base pairs each month. This astounding output allows us to create a plethora of products, including proteins, antibodies, vaccines, biofuels, and many more. Each new synthesis brings us one step closer to altering our world in a profound way, once sequence at a time.

Gene synthesis platforms