Unlocking the Potential of Yeast Assembly for Long DNA Fragments

Although Gibson assembly is widely accepted for directed cloning and in vitro multi-segment assembly, it’s constrained by its 10Kb plasmid size limit. This inherent limitation significantly curtails its breadth of application.

However, recent research has uncovered the significant potential of yeast assembly as a convenient method for assembling DNA segments. Unlike other methods, yeast can automatically connect multiple DNA segments without the need for DNA polymerases and ligases. This unique capability allows for the construction of plasmids exceeding 10Kb with quick turnaround times. As such, yeast homologous recombination technology is proving to be an invaluable asset for the rapid and efficient assembly of long DNA fragments and genomes.

DNA Assembly Technologies Gibson Assembly Method Yeast Homologous Recombination Technology
DNA polymerases/Taq ligases Required Not required, yeast uses homologous recombination
Multiple fragment assembly Seamless assembly One-step Assembly
Long DNA fragments and genomes Fragments over 20Kb are hard to achieve Able to assemble fragments up to 1.08Mb

Synbio Technologies leverages yeast homologous recombination technology to offer comprehensive services for both long gene synthesis/assembly and gene cluster/small genome synthesis and assembly. With our distinct Syno GS Synthesis Platforms, we’re able to deliver top-tier services. To uphold the highest standards, we guarantee 100% accuracy on all of our DNA products.

Figure 1. Diagram of the synthesis and assembly platform of gene clusters and small genomes

Competitive Advantages

Experience the power of our Gene Synthesis Platform, Syno GS. This robust tool is your all-in-one solution for yeast assembly tasks such as gene synthesis, assembly, and sequencing.

We take pride in our ability to synthesize and assemble long DNA fragments with unmatched accuracy and speed. At Synbio Technologies, we can deliver single gene sequences of up to 150 Kb, ensuring reliable assembly of extensive DNA fragments.

Service Specifications

Services Details Turnaround Time Delivered Product Price
Synthesis of gene clusters and small genomes Customized service for metabolic pathway synthesis <10Kb, 4-6 weeks; >10Kb, Inquiry Synthetized gene clusters, plasmids with small genomes and glycerol bacteria Inquire