Currently, gene synthesis is widely used for functional genetic screening, enzyme engineering, basic biology research, antibody expression and purification, structural biology, and many other fields. Utilizing codon optimization techniques on genetic sequences can significantly raise the success rate of protein expression and increase protein expression level.

Research Strategy

Gene Synthesis

  • Syno® 2.0 Gene Synthesis Platform
  • Syno® 3.0 High-Throughput Gene Synthesis Platform
  • NG™ Codon Optimization

Vector Construction

  • Syno® Vector Construction and Verification

Protein Expression

  • Syno® Cell Transfection
  • Syno® Cell Expression

Verification and Analysis

  • Syno® Structure Verification and Analysis
  • Syno® Activity Verification and Analysis


  • Synbio Technologies NGTM Codon Optimization Technology can significantly improve the protein expression success rate and expression level.
  • Comprehensive DNA Synthesis Platforms.
  • World leading chip-based next generation gene synthesis platform provides gene synthesis with high throughput capabilities and low costs.
  • One-stop solution services from gene synthesis to protein expression and purification, covering E.coli, yeast, insect cell – baculovirus, mammalian cells expression system.