With an experienced research team and leading recombinant protein expression platform, Synbio Technologies provides customers with comprehensive recombinant protein expression and purification services. Synbio Technologies’ four major recombinant protein expression platforms can provide thousands of recombinant protein and antibody products to customers every year, with a success rate over 95%. We offer our independently developed expression vectors as well as various commercial vectors applicable to these platforms. According to the needs of customers, we choose different expression vectors and expression hosts with different fusion of tag proteins, resistance, and any other elements to realize precise customization services for them. Also, with our NG™ Codon optimization technology and fast, reliable gene synthesis platform, we can steadily generate recombinant protein and antibody products of high quality and purity with amounts ranging from milligrams to grams.

One Stop Service: Streamlined process from gene synthesis to protein expression.
NGTM Codon Optimization: Significantly increase expression level in most host cells.
Highly Customized Solution: Expertise in satisfying various research needs.
High Success Rate: High quality products with fast turnaround as short as 2 weeks.

Recombinant Protein Expression Systems

Standard Recombinant Protein Expression Process

Comprehensive Services Offered