Prokaryotic expression is mature and easy to be operated, but when it comes to the proteins of eukaryotic organism, error folding is a frequent occurrence since glycosylation and folding partner are involved. Fortunately, the expression system of pichia pastorisis is complementary to this situation to a certain extent. Relying on powerful synthetic biology technology platform and industry-leading codon optimization software NGTM Codon, Synbio Technologies provides you high-quality and considerate yeast expression protein services with more than 10 years’ experience in protein expression and purification, which can effectively save your cost and time.

Service Specifications

Steps Description Deliverables Turnaround Time Price
Gene Synthesis & Subcloning (optional)
  • Gene and plasmid
  • Sequencing report
1-2 weeks Quote
  • Construct linearization
  • Electro-transformation
  • Experiment report
1 week Starting from $3,499
Screening Positive Clones
  • Confirmation of positive transformants by PCR
  • Screening report
1-2 weeks
Pilot Protein Expression
  • Expression evaluation
  • Expression evaluation report
1-2 weeks
Protein Expression
  • 1 L or large-scale yeast culture expression
  • One-step purification, or additional purification
  • Purity from 85% to 95%
  • Purified protein
  • Certificate of analysis
1-2 weeks