Synbio Technologies provides comprehensive services for structural biology including high purity protein preparation, fragment-based crystallographic screening, crystallization, and structure determination. Synbio Technologies can handle your projects, starting from gene synthesis to crystallization/co-crystallization and structure determination. To accomplish this, we rely on our proprietary NGTM Codon Optimization Technology, comprehensive portfolio of expression systems, and a wide selection of purification and crystallization methods.

Milestones Specifications Deliverables
Expression Verification and Optimization
  • Gene synthesis with codon optimization
  • Subclone the gen into expression vector(s)
  • Expression evaluation
  • Expression optimization
  • Gene in pUC57
  • Constructs Report
  • Expression Report
Scale-Up Protein Production
  • High Purity Protein

Phase II: Crystallization and structure determination


Milestones Specifications Deliverables
NMR Data Collection
  • 500 MHz Varian
  • 600 MHz (cryoprobe) Bruker
  • 600 MHz (cryoprobe) Varian
  • 800 MHz Bruker
  • Probes include 19F and 1H, 2H, 13C, 15N-TR NMR
NMR Data, including raw data and processed data
NMR Spectral Analysis
  • Backbone assignments
  • Side-chain assignment
  • Protein-Protein, Protein-Nucleic Acid complex analysis
  • Dynamics, disorder, stability
  • Biosimilarity analysis
MR data, resonance assignment, report
NMR Solution Structure Determination
  • Three-dimensional protein structure determination and quality assessment
  • Ligand-protein complexes
  • Protein-protein complexes
MR data, structure (PDB), report including structural quality assessment statistics

X-ray Crystallography Structures

Milestones Specifications Deliverables
Crystallization Screening
  • Crystallization screening
  • Crystallization conditions optimization
Protein crystal
X-Ray Data Collection
  • Collection of high-resolution X-ray data using synchrotron beamline
X-ray Data
Crystal Structure Determination
  • Structure determination with crystallography software
Density map, protein structure (PDB) and statistics