DNA Writing

Synbio Technologies has developed the most comprehensive platforms of oligo synthesis, gene synthesis, high-throughput oligo pool synthesis, library synthesis and RNA synthesis to meet our customers’ needs in quality, speed, budget, and applications. We routinely synthesize over 3 million base pairs of gene sequences each month for a wide range of applications including protein production, antibody discovery, genetically engineered vaccine, molecular breeding, biofuel and many more.


DNA Reading

Synbio Technologies provides reliable DNA sequencing services to scientific researchers and industrial customers around the world. We are qualified and proficient in Sanger DNA Sequencing for normal biosynthesis and cloning projects. We also offer next generation sequencing (NGS) for the analysis of transcriptome and genome. Our well-equipped and experienced technical staff guarantees fast and reliable gene sequencing and analysis services.


DNA Editing

Our team utilizes advanced DNA design and synthesis, to achieve efficient gene/genome editing and screening. We provide comprehensive services, including ready-to-use sgRNA synthesis, sgRNA vector construction, and CRISPR sgRNA library synthesis. With extensive experience in whole genome design and synthesis, our professional staff offers efficient comprehensive services.


Antibody Services

Synbio Technologies provides a broad range of DNA technologies for antibody services. Our technical platforms span all stages of antibody discovery by integrating antibody genes sequence, de novo antibody design, antibody humanization, and antibody genes synthesis, recombinant antibody expression, monoclonal antibody preparation and polyclonal antibody preparation. We aim to use our high-quality products and cost-effective solutions to support the development of biobased medicines within academia, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries.


Protein & Peptide

With an experienced research team and leading recombinant protein expression platform, Synbio Technologies provides customers with comprehensive recombinant protein expression and purification services. In the aid of Syno Codon optimization technology, we can improve the expression level and solubility of heterologous protein greatly. Our four major recombinant protein expression platforms can steadily generate recombinant protein and antibody products of high quality and purity with amounts ranging from milligrams to grams.


Synthetic Biology

We aim to empower scientific discoveries by providing access to the most-advanced synthetic biology tools and services. We have established a proprietary bio-design, biosynthesis, and bio-learning platform to provide a wide range of DBTL steps (Design-Build-Test-Learn) in the synthetic biology pipeline. Our synthetic biology services include DNA sequencing, vector design, DNA synthesis, strain construction, directed evolution, and genome editing. Our PhD-level scientists help you with consultation, evaluation, and execution of your interests in all DBTL service areas.