With our experience research team and mature protein expression platform, we can provide customers with customized protein expression services as well as abundant recombinant protein products. Our protein products cover the latest research fields, such as COVID-19 proteins, immune checkpoint proteins, CD antigens, receptors, signal transduction proteins, and cytokines.

Synbio Technologies provides recombinant proteins with high quality, high bioactivity, and high purity with different sizes, types, and labels available to support a full range of scientific research. Our global customers have used our products to accelerate their basic research, structural biology research, and more, while decreasing overall time in product development as well.

Competitive Advantages

  • Advanced Technology Platform: Four major protein expression platforms and large-scale fermenters can provide protein products from milligram to gram scale.
  • High Quality Recombinant Protein Products: Comprehensive quality control and testing of protein purity, activity, and endotoxin levels.
  • A Great Variety of Protein Products: Products cover proteins from multiple species and with various labels

Recombinant Protein Categories

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