Protect Your IP through DNA synthesis

Synbio Technologies has launched the world’s first DNA Solution to protect our customers’ proprietary information within a sequence of DNA. To accomplish this DNA encryption technology, Synbio Technologies utilizes our patented DNA StudioTM which accurately synthesizes a tailor-made sequence that acts as an exclusive DNA “security code”. By utilizing our Synthesis Platforms this unique sequence, or “security code”, can be constructed into any position of the DNA. This allows the security information to be synthesized and stored as biological “water marker”.

How it Works

  1. Based on the our developed DNA Studio TM, Synbio Technologies can provide the requested DNA sequence at any position in the vector as a “security code”.
  2. With the converting code and Synbio Technologies’ synthesis platforms, cryptographic sequences can be synthesized into any section of the requested DNA sequence.
  3. The “security code” can also be constructed to any vector.
  4. The interpretation process can be easily completed by sequencing and analysis.

Benefits of DNA StudioTM IP Protection Solution

  1. Provide customized IP protection for your embedded “security code”.
  2. Make your DNA construction and synthesis to be “smart.”