Small, non-coding RNA plays important roles in regulating gene expression, mediates the degradation of mRNA, changes the cell cycle and determines the fate of cell differentiation. It has been widely proved to involve in the development of many diseases. Synbio Technologies’s chemical synthesis RNA services include a class of star RNA products, siRNA and miRNA. Our high quality services and products support researchers to conduct gene function analysis and therapeutic strategy development.

Competitive Advantages

  • Provide comprehensive ordinary and modified siRNA & miRNA services and products.
  • Professional technical team provides you with comprehensive RNA solutions.
  • Commitment to keeping the details of the project strictly confidential, protecting your intellectual property rights.
  • Optional siRNA screening service, help customers to screen high efficiency siRNA, and provide detailed experimental report.

RNA interference (RNAi) using small, interfering RNA (siRNA) is the simplest and most efficient way to knock down gene expression to study protein function in a wide range of cell types. It is also the best method for clinical treatment and drug development of RNAi.

Synbio Technologies provides double-stranded ordinary siRNA as well as modified or fluorescence labeled siRNA. Available chemical modifications include phosphoric acid skeleton modification, ribose modification, and base modification, which can increase the stability and duration of siRNA in vivo or enhance the bases’ interaction and promote the effect targeting mRNA.

Service Specifications

Products name Order Size(OD) Purification Turnaround Times (Business days) Price
NC FAM siRNA 1 HPLC 6-15 Starting from $69
NC siRNA 1-2
siRNA 2-2500
Modified or fluorescence labeled siRNA (2-OMe, Thiol, Chol, Biotin, FAM, Cy5, Cy3, etc) Inquiry Inquiry

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*2 For more information about chemical modification and fluorescence labeling, please refer to the RNA Modification webpage.

Synbio Technologies also provides a guaranteed siRNA service. The three designed and delivered siRNA ensure at least one siRNA can effectively inhibit the expression of the target gene, and the inhibition efficiency will be more than 70% (The transfection efficiency will be at least 90%).

Products name Order Size(OD) Purification Turnaround Times (Business days) Price
Three siRNAs 2 HPLC 6-9 $300
NC siRNA 1
Positive siRNA control 1
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miRNAs are single-stranded, small, non-coding RNA of 22 nucleotides that play important roles as endogenous gene regulators by mediating translation repression or promoting degradation of target mRNA. While the normal expression and function of miRNAs are vital for physiological processes, aberrant expression of miRNAs has been proved to be closely related to the occurrence of various cancers. Perturbation of endogeneous miRNAs help to study the function of specific miRNAs and hold the potential for therapeutics.

Synbio Technologies offers a wide range of high quality miRNA synthesis products, including miRNA mimics/inhibitors, miRNA agomirs/antagomirs and miRNA negative controls, etc. to support your miRNA functional research.

Service Specifications

Products name Order Size(OD) Purification Turnaround Times (Business days) Price
NC FAM miRNA mimics 1 HPLC 3-5 Starting from $69
NC miRNA mimics 1
miRNA mimics 2
NC FAM miRNA inhibitors 1
NC miRNA inhibitors 1
miRNA inhibitor 2
miRNA agomirs 2
miRNA antagomirs 2

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