Plasmid DNA preparation is a basic but very important step in scientific research. For years, Synbio Technologies has provided comprehensive plasmid DNA preparation services to our customers from research institutes to both biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industries.

Synbio Technologies conducts comprehensive quality control of our plasmid products to provide you with aseptic plasmids with no RNA pollution or genome pollution. All plasmids we manufacture are free of animal-derived materials and can contain low levels of endotoxin (< 100EU/mg, <30EU/mg, <5EU/mg, on request). According to our customers’ application needs, standard plasmid DNA preparation services are divided into two levels, the research level and the transfection level. The plasmid DNA preparation process is designed to meet diverse downstream applications such as transfection, antibody preparation, vaccine, and gene-therapy research.

Competitive Advantages

  • Express and Guaranteed Plasmid Preparation Services: USA based manufacturing allows high quality products and fast delivery.
  • Highly Customized: Microgram-to-gram-scale quantity can meet various customers’ needs.
  • Low Endotoxin Level: Animal-derived materials free, <100EU/mg, on request.
  • Strict Quality Control: ISO9001 & ISO13485 quality management, complete and detailed manufacturing documentation.
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Protection: All our customers’ intellectual project related rights are fully respected and protected.

Service Process

Endo Free* DNA Prep (High Copy) Guarantee Endo Free* DNA Prep (Low Copy) Guarantee Price ($) TAT (days)
200 ug 50-100 ug Starting from $78 4-6 2-4
1 mg 250 ug-0.5 mg 4-6 2-4
10 mg 2.5 mg-4 mg 5-7 3-5
100 mg 25 mg-40 mg 6-10 4-8
500 mg 125 mg-200 mg 7-12 5-10

* Optional endotoxin level: < 100EU/mg, <30EU/mg, <5EU/mg.

Please Note:
1. Sanger sequencing is available per request, and Sanger data will be delivered separately. Additional shipping and handling fee for expedited delivery.
2. If you wish to provide the plasmid template, you will need to prepare over 100ng DNA sample (diluted with ddH2O or TE buffer), colonies (fresh) or bacteria stored in glycerol.
3. For more information, please see Express and Guaranteed Plasmid Preparation, or inquiry us at .

Standard Plasmid
Preparation Package
Research Grade Transfection Grade
Endotoxin Level NA <100EU/mg*
Quantity 0.1 mg to gram level 1 mg to gram level
Turnaround time Starting at 3 2 business daysFast Starting at 7 5 business daysFast
Quality Control Methods Restriction enzyme analysis
  • Basic quality control tests
  • Sterility assurance
  • Restriction enzyme analysis
  • Sequence verification
Recommended Applications
  • Standard DNA manipulations including gene cloning, PCR template, DNA marker, DNA library.
  • Transient protein expression and protein expression test
  • DNA storage
  • Genome editing tools
  • Large-scale genome research
  • in vitro/in vivo transfection
  • Large scale protein expression
  • Viral Packaging
  • Cell therapeutic material
  • Pre-clinical trials in gene therapy or vaccination
  • Long-term DNA storage
Standard Delivery Package Contains Prepared plasmid DNA, Certificate of analysis (COA) and QC report

*Optional endotoxin level: < 100EU/mg, <30EU/mg, <5EU/mg.

Please note:
1. Synbio Technologies provides upstream services of plasmid preparation such as gene synthesis and subcloning into both commercial and custom vectors. This allows us to offer a unique approach to satisfy all our customer’s requests.
2. Additionally, if you wish to provide the plasmid template, you will need to prepare over 100 ng DNA sample (diluted with ddH2O or TE buffer), colonies (fresh) or bacteria stored in glycerol. (Inquiry:

Application Grade Plasmid DNA Preparation

Day 1: Bacteria were transformed by target plasmid DNAs and grown on LB agar plates with proper antibiotics.
Day 2: Bacterial Colonies were selected and cultured in LB medium with proper antibiotics.
Day 3: Mini-prepped plasmid DNAs, followed by restriction enzyme analysis to verify the DNA sizes. In addition, liters of bacteria cultures were inoculated for a large-scale preparation of plasmid DNAs.
Day 4: Bacteria were harvested and the plasmid DNAs were purified.
Quality Test Results(Day 5 – 7):

  1. Endotoxin Test: Negative results will be not indicated.
  2. Sterility Test: No bacterial colony is detected after 48 hours culturing in LB medium.
  3. Restriction enzyme digestion: correct DNA sizes
  4. Sanger sequencing: correct sequence in specified regions.

Day 8: DNAs were formulated, dispensed, labelled, and delivered.

Synbio Technologies plasmid preparation service focuses on quality. We have strict quality control which can increase quality stability and reduce batch difference to satisfy customers’ high-quality needs.

Quality Control Standard Range Measurement Technique
Appearance Clear, transparent Visual inspection
A260/280 Analysis 1.80~2.00 UV spectrophotometer
Concentration Up to 5mg/ml, default 1±0.05 mg/ml UV spectrophotometer
Supercoil Percentage Analysis >95% Density scan on agarose gel
RNA Residue Analysis Not detectable Visual inspection on agarose gel
Genomic DNA Analysis Not detectable Visual inspection on agarose gel
Sterility Assurance No clone growth on LB plate > 48h Incubate 0.1mg of product on LB plate for >48h
Restriction Enzyme Analysis (optional) As expected, no other minor band Incubate with enzyme and analyze on agarose gel
Sequence Verification (optional) Correct DNA Sequencing
Endotoxin Analysis (optional) <0.005EU/μg Endotoxin Analysis Assay