When the fragment of mRNA you need is small, between 5 bases to 120 bases, we recommend using a chemical synthesis strategy, which is a quick and more economical method to produce a high yield of chemically synthesized RNA for various applications. Synbio Technologies enables synthetic biologists to discover more with our custom RNA oligos.

We provide high quality and diverse chemosynthetic RNAs, including customizable single/double stranded RNA oligos, modified RNA oligos, stable siRNA, miRNA long RNA, and more. Chemically synthesized RNAs can be synthesized to contain nearly any sequence and chemical modification desired, with up to gram-quantity yields possible. The quality of RNA products will be confirmed by MS and HPLC purity tests to ensure a high-quality output.

What You Can Expect From Synbio Technologies

  • Various types of customizable RNA synthesis services capable of providing RNA fragments up to gram scale.
  • Strict purification procedures of each batch of synthetic products by HPLC in an RNase-free environment, avoiding RNase contamination throughout the process, and a free HPLC detection report is provided.
  • Professional technical team to provide you with comprehensive RNA solutions.
  • A commitment to keeping the details of the project strictly confidential, protecting your intellectual property rights.

Service Specifications

Single-stranded RNA

Length Order Size Purification Price Turnaround Time
(Business Days)
5-18 bases
(General Sequences)
2-10 OD HPLC Starting from $69 6-8
  1. Lyophilized RNA
  2. Certificate of Analysis (COA)
  3. QC Report (MS/HPLC)
25 OD-100 OD HPLC Starting from $429 7-15
≥250 OD HPLC Inquiry  Inquiry
19-65 bases (General Sequences) 2-10 OD HPLC Starting from $4/base 6-8
25 OD-100 OD HPLC Starting from $18/base 7-15
≥250 OD HPLC Inquiry  Inquiry
65-105 bases Inquiry HPLC Inquiry  Inquiry

Double-stranded RNA

The price of double-stranded RNA= RNA strand 1 + RNA strand 2 + Annealing fee Starts from $25

*1 This principle applies to the general single-stranded RNA. Please contact us (quote@synbio-tech.com) to query about the detail of short or long RNAs.
*2 The price of general sequences with 5-18 bases is calculated by the whole chain, and the remaining price is calculated by single bases.
*3 For double-stranded RNA synthesis, each single strand is purified by HPLC and then annealed. Annealing fee will be charged separately.