At Synbio Technologies, we offer oligo pool synthesis for clients who need to mass-produce short DNA strands, also known as oligonucleotides. This state-of-the-art process uses advanced technology to construct large numbers of identical sequences rapidly and cost effectively.

Our Next Generation DNA Synthesis Platform pioneers an innovative approach to large-scale gene synthesis, helping you create up to one million oligos in parallel on a single chip within minutes. Our process also enables the combination of various primer strands into a singular mixture without compromising speed or cost effectiveness.

Wee take pride in providing our customers with innovative solutions that make their research projects easier and more efficient than ever before. Our cutting edge technology enables us to provide high quality oligo pool synthesis services at an affordable price point while still maintaining excellent customer service standards. Our experienced team of scientists will ensure that your project runs smoothly from start to finish so you can get your results quickly and accurately without any hassles or delays.

Service Specifications

Length (nt) Turnaround Time Deliverables
20 – 120 15 – 20 business days
121 – 150 15 – 20 business days Single-strand DNA oligo pool
151 – 200 20 – 25 business days ~1 fmol per oligo
201 – 250 25 – 30 business days Lyophilized powder
251 – 300 30 – 35 business days
Oligo Pool Process | Synbio Technologies

Multiple Downstream Applications

Synbio Technologies provides the best of both worlds – advanced technical support and high-caliber products. Our oligo pool synthesis services allow our customers to save time by streamlining their downstream applications while they benefit from optimal quality constructs.  We support a variety of downstream applications, such as:

  • Design of native DNA sequences
  • Developing de novo DNA sequences
  • Design of new genes, chassis, operons, pathways and genomes
  • DNA variant libraries
  • Improved proteins
  • Gene orthologs testing
  • Optimized antibodies through affinity maturation

Why work with us?

  • High Throughput: Up to 1 million oligos per chip.
  • Competitive Pricing: Industry leading pricing.
  • Low Cost: Multiple services available at minimal cost.