Many aspects of biological research such as genetic library construction and target enrichment/capture in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), require a large amount of primers. Conventional approaches to synthesizing hundreds of thousands of primers at a time are ineffective and time consuming. However, Synbio Technologies provides you with a solution for high-throughput DNA synthesis demands with industry-leading technology.

Synbio Technologies’ Next Generation DNA Synthesis Platform offers the revolutionary approach towards large-scale gene synthesis with fast turnaround times and overall cost. Up to 1 million oligos can be in parallel synthesis on a single chip within one synthetic circle. The individually synthesized primer strands are subsequently eluted from the chip base to allow the mixture of a variety of oligos. Synbio Technologies focus on commercialization efforts to manufacture DNA oligo pools to satisfy customers’ research needs.

Competitive Advantages

  • High Throughput: Up to 1 million oligos per chip.
  • Fast Turnaround Time: Delivery time as fast as one week.
  • Competitive Pricing: Industry leading pricing.
  • Low Cost: Multiple streamlined services available at minimal cost.

Service Specifications

Length/nt 1~696,000 Oligos
<150 At least 2-3 weeks

Multiple Downstream Applications

Our customers experience industry-leading high-throughput gene synthesis technical support as well as the high-quality constructs when utilizing Synbio Technologies’ oligo pool synthesis services. With the synthesized oligo pools our customers can then streamline the various downstream applications within their research. These downstream applications include:

  • Generate native DNA sequences
  • Create de novo DNA sequences
  • Build genes, chassis, operons, pathways and genomes
  • Build DNA variant libraries
  • Improve the features of a protein
  • Test all orthologs of a gene
  • Optimize any antibody through affinity maturation