New COVID-19 variant B.1.1.529 found in South Africa has been identified by WHO as the highest level “variant of concern” (VOC) and named Omicron. Omicron has many mutation sites, fast transmission speed, and stronger infectivity than previous variants. It has a very high risk of causing a surge of infection cases all over the world.

At present, Synbio Technologies has successfully synthesized both the wild type Spike protein gene and codon optimized Spike protein genes of Omicron. We are committed to providing strong supports for downstream vaccine development and neutralizing antibody research.

Competitive Advantages

  • Speed Guarantee: All COVID-19 related orders will be given production priority with 24/7 professional online support.
  • Quality Assurance: High purity, high-quality raw materials, strict quality control, and perfect production records.
  • Production Capacity: Our patented NGTM Codon software optimizes genes at no extra cost to you, and we also have multiple protein expression systems available alongside customized production.
  • Products Supply: Wild type Spike protein gene and optimized Spike protein gene are available in stock.

Omicron Product Specifications

Products Amount Price Availability
Wild Type Spike Protein Gene 10 µg Quote In Stock
Optimized Spike Protein Gene 10 µg Quote In Stock

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Fig.1 Wild type Omicron Spike protein gene

Fig.2 Optimized Omicron Spike protein gene

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