DNA storage (using DNA as data carrier) technology is a technology that focuses in the future with epoch-making significance. It employs the four “A”, “G”, “T”, “C” bases of the DNA in a specific order arrangement to form the information coding. As a technology that can store text, images, audios and videos by using artificial synthesized DNA as the storage medium, and then fully read the data subsequently.

Scientists from Synbio Technologies master the next generation synthetic biology technology platform which can greatly reduce the manufacturing cost of DNA synthesis. We have also develop DNA StudioTM to achieve bi-directional transcoding between” A, T, C, G ” and digital information. Then, according to the code, DNA sequences are synthesized accurately on chips, rapidly as well as massively. We sincerely invite you to join in developing DNA digital storage systems.

Competitive Advantages

  • High storage density: 1 mg DNA can store 2 PB data, amount to 3 Million pieces of CD.
  • Strong resistance: easily preserved over thousand years in nature environment.
  • Low maintenance: do not need to maintain constantly.
  • Environment protecting: carbon source storage material benefits “Green Initiative”.
  • Life Medium: saved into an organism, achieve information’s “soft storage” .
  • Improvement of DNA synthesis technology: provides low cost, high throughput synthetic DNA.

DNA Data Storage Case Studies

The Analects of Confucius was transformed into As, Ts, Cs and Gs using a code that we invented, by our even more powerful Syno®3.0 high through-put DNA synthesis platform synthesized and stored in DNA. Through DNA StudioTM, the recovery rate was 99.9% after sequencing and decoding. It is an example for hard storage, and we have published this research in 2017.

Our R & D department has transformed a Chinese poetry 《沁.园春雪》, this encoding fragment into the yeast. The progress is: Storage-Transfer-Reading-Decoding. It is a totally soft storage. This poetry was copied 10 billion copies by the fastest and the most economical way to be the largest volume of works printed in the world.

Delivery Products

  • Design scheme
  • Synthesis chip/DNA
  • Data analysis report

Price and Turnaround Time

Please contact quote@synbio-tech.com for specific price, turnaround time and technique related issues.

Progress of DNA Storage Technology

  1. In February 2018, Microsoft announced they have stored 35 documents by DNA storage with low-redundancy and high efficient, all the data is over 200 Megabyte which includes a HD MV, a classical music collection, 100 languages of Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Through the random access method, each file can be read without error.
  2. In August 2013, Argentina scientist Federico Prada et al. successfully implanted the country’s national anthem melody in a certain kind of bacterial chromosome in the form of artificial DNA sequence.
  3. In January 2013, Dr. Goldman of the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) and his team stored 154 sonnets of Shakespeare, a photo, a PDF scientific paper and 26 seconds audio fragment of American civil rights leader Martin Luther King’s speech “I have a dream” in a DNA fragment that can hardly be seen with the naked eye.
  4. In August 2012, George church R & D team of Harvard University can already store 96 bits data in DNA chain through new DNA synthesis technology. Bases such as adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine all have their own binary value. Then the gene sequence was synthesized by microfluidic chip and the location of the sequence along with associated data will be matched after this.