With the continuous advancement of RNA technologies such as siRNA, miRNA, and RNA aptamers, RNA research is now shifting towards larger and more complex RNA molecules, including long non-coding RNA (lncRNA). This area of research has led to an increased demand for long RNA synthesis services that can synthesize RNA molecules up to 300 nucleotides in length. LncRNA, as an example, plays a crucial role in regulating gene expression levels at multiple levels and is involved in many key regulatory processes.

lncRNA is a class of RNA molecules that have a transcript length exceeding 200 nucleotides. Unlike messenger RNA (mRNA), they do not code for proteins. Instead, they play a crucial role in regulating gene expression levels at multiple levels, including epigenetic regulation, transcriptional regulation, and post-transcriptional regulation.

Recent studies have revealed that lncRNA molecules play significant roles in many essential regulatory processes, such as X-chromosome silencing, genomic imprinting, chromatin modification, transcriptional activation, transcriptional interference, and intranuclear transport. These regulatory functions of lncRNA have attracted widespread attention from the scientific community.

At Synbio Technologies, we have developed a complete synthesis platform that leverages our team’s rich professional knowledge and practical experience. Our platform enables us to accurately synthesize long stranded RNA of various lengths, specifications, and modification types, providing customers with the precise RNA sequences they need to advance their research goals.

Additionally, we offer a range of small molecule coupling services with Oligo, including GalNAc, Peptide Oligonucleotides, and chelating agents such as NOTA, DOTA, MAG, and DTPA. These small molecules can enhance the functionality of RNA products for specific research applications, further enabling researchers to achieve their research objectives.

Our long RNA synthesis services provide a range of competitive advantages to researchers, including:

  • RNA oligonucleotides ranging from 5-110nt in length.
  • RNase-free synthesis environment to ensure the highest quality RNA products.
  • High yields of RNA products from milligrams to grams, enabling large-scale research projects.
  • Ability to incorporate multiple modifications into RNA molecules for specific research needs.
  • High-quality RNA products that are both effective and cost-efficient for research purposes.

Choose Synbio Technologies for your long RNA synthesis needs and benefit from our competitive advantages that can accelerate your research goals. Contact us today to learn more about our service specifications and how we can support your research needs.

Long RNA Synthesis Applications

Long RNA Synthesis | Service Specifications

Product Length Order Size (OD) Modifications Purification
Large-scale RNA Synthesis  5-110 50mg to several grams PS, PO or PS/PO skeletons, chimeric oligonucleotides mixed with 2′-OMe, 2′-F-RNA, MOE, LNA or DNA HPLC