RNA has been widely used in gene function analysis and novel therapeutic research/development, along with various other biological research fields. As the interest in RNA research has become more popular, the need for quality synthesis services increases greatly. The synthesis of RNA is similar that of DNA, but the coupling efficiency between bases is low, and the product is easy to degrade.

Synbio Technologies has decades of experience in RNA research and development. Our scientists can use both chemical synthesis approaches and IVT synthesis strategies, to meet the unique requirements of every client. Our services include RNA oligo synthesis with various modifications and delivery specifications available, functional siRNA synthesis, miRNA synthesis, and in vitro transcription synthesis. All of our synthesized sequences go through a standardized manufacturing process and undergo strict QC reviews. We promise to provide the most economical price to meet your diversified needs without sacrificing on overall quality.

RNA Synthesis - in vitro transcription

Mechanism of In vitro transcription.

RNA synthesis - siRNA, shRNA, miRNA

Intracellular mechanism of siRNA, shRNA and miRNA

Competitive Advantages

  • Highly Customizable: Flexible synthesis scales, various modification types, and diversified delivery forms to meet your customized requirements.
  • Excellent Stability: Each batch of synthetic products is strictly purified by HPLC in the RNase-free environment to avoid RNase contamination in the whole process.
  • High quality: Reliable lab report with timely updates.
  • Technical Support: Professional team provides you with comprehensive pre-sale consultation, order design, and after-sales service to ensure the products deliver smoothly.
  • Cost-Effective: Competitive prices and short turnaround time.

Service Specifications

Category Services Specifications Deliverables
Chemical Synthesis of RNA Custom RNA Oligos Providing the synthesis of single/double stranded RNA as well as long RNA sequences.
  1. Lyophilized RNA
  2. Certificate of Analysis (COA)
  3. QC Report (MS/HPLC)
siRNA/miRNA Synthesis Providing a wide range of high quality siRNA/miRNA synthesis products, as well as corresponding NC products.
  1. Lyophilized RNA
  2. Certificate of Analysis (COA)
  3. QC Report (MS/HPLC)
CRISPR-Cas9 sgRNA Synthesis The synthesized sgRNA can be transformed into the cell along with Cas9 protein or Cas9 mRNA to perform the downstream targeting.
  1. Lyophilized RNA
  2. Certificate of Analysis (COA)
  3. QC Report (MS/HPLC)
RNA Modification Comprehensive RNA modification and labeling services, such as amino, biotin, FAM, HEX, BHQ,Cy3,Cy5, etc.
  1. Lyophilized RNA
  2. Certificate of Analysis (COA)
  3. QC Report (MS/HPLC)
In Vitro transcription RNA Synthesis CRISPR-Cas9 sgRNA Including design and gene synthesis, based on DNA template for highly-efficient transcription of RNA.
  1. From 10 ug to multi-milligram scale
  2. QC Report


Synthesized RNA can be used in a number of applications, such as:

  • RNA probe synthesis for hybridization
  • dsRNA/siRNA synthesis for RNA interference
  • miRNA synthesis for gene function research
  • gRNA synthesis for gene editing
  • Synthesis of mRNA / cRNA for electrophysiological research
  • Synthesis of various types of RNA for noncoding RNA research
  • RNA virus genome synthesis for virus research