ProXpress: Your One-Step Solution for Rapid
Protein Expression Detection

Welcome to the future of protein detection – ProXpress. Born from a gene synthesis service extension, our rapid protein detection kit lets you verify target protein expression swiftly, accurately, and without the need for professional training.

Why Choose ProXpress?

ProXpress is designed to simplify your work. It offers a one-step experiment, eliminating the need for WB/ELISA and other tests. Even better, you can observe the expression with the naked eye, saving you time and testing costs.

Our product lineup includes various types including His-Tag, His-Tag PLUS, GST-Tag, Flag-Tag, Flag-His-Tag, and human/mouse IgG (Fc fragment).

Catalog No. Product Name Range Qty. Price
HX002324-5 ProXpress(His-Tag)- Competitive 10ug/ml~100ug/ml 5 $59 $39
HX002327-5 ProXpress(His-Tag-PLUS)-Competitive 1ug/ml~10ug/ml 5 $59 $39
HX002323-5 ProXpress(Flag-Tag)- Competitive 1ug/ml~30ug/ml 5 $59 $39
HX002322-5 ProXpress(GST-Tag) 30ng/ml~3000ng/ml 5 $59 $39
HX002321-5 ProXpress(Flag-His-Tag) 4ng/ml~500ng/ml 5 $59 $39
HX002325-5 ProXpress(Human IgG-Fc) 0.25ug/ml~30ug/ml 5 $59 $39
HX002326-5 ProXpress (Mouse IgG-Fc) 0.04ug/ml~1ug/ml 5 $59 $39

ProXpress Workflow

ProXpress flow chart


Use ProXpress to identify protein expression without induction, optimize protein expression conditions, and rapidly identify elution fractions containing target proteins.

ProXpress services extend to gene synthesis. Verify the expression of labelled target proteins quickly as you synthesize genes.

With ProXpress, you get more choices for efficient and precise gene synthesis. Connect with our team to learn more.

Protein Expression + Gene Synthesis

ProXpress Vs. Others

Compared to western blot & ELISA, ProXpress is easy to use, requires less sample volume, delivers accurate results, and does not require special equipment.

Compared to similar products, ProXpress gives you two results for the price of one, offers semi-quantitative identification services, and comes with a professional team for pre-sale and post-sale support. We also offer recombinant protein expression and other services for protein purification.

Take the fast lane to protein detection today! Try ProXpress for cost-effective, efficient results.

With ProXpress, you get:

  1. Simplicity and speed.
  2. Low consumption and high sensitivity.
  3. Accuracy akin to the ELISA method.
  4. Easy storage at room temperature.
  5. No special equipment needed.
  6. Economic savings.
  7. User-friendly operation.