In December 2019, a new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) was discovered due to atypical viral pneumonia cases (COVID-19) in Wuhan. In early January 2020, Synbio Technologies designed and synthesized detection probes for COVID-19 based on our independently developed Syno® qPCR primer/probe design and synthesis platform. In less than two weeks, we completed the synthesis of detection reagent materials, such as amplification primers, probes, and quality controls.

Competitive Advantages

  • Speed guarantee: All COVID-19 related orders will be given priority to green channel production, with 24/7 professional online support.
  • Quality assurance: ISO 13485 standards of manufacturing, referring to the latest US CDC standards,providing reagents designed with WHO and China CDC standards as well. Low product false positive rate,more cost-effective under the premise of ensuring the quality.
  • Production capacity: Experienced synthesis experts, first in class instruments, more than one million probe kit materials supplied per day.
  • Product supply: All in one, all 4 sets of primer and probes are included, more scientific and accurate. Virus-related N protein,S protein and other related products are available in stock. 

Probe/Primer Synthesis for Virus Detection

According to the official website documents of WHO and China&US CDC, Synbio Technologies has prepared a series of primers and probe materials for COVID-19 detection in batches. We can provide a free trial package and guarantee the supply of a million copies of nucleic acid diagnostic probes daily to speed up disease detection and research.

*Sequences above were collected from WHO, US CDC and China CDC official website documents. Synbio Technologies’ related products have been added with RNase P, which meets the double detection standard and can greatly reduce the “false negative” phenomenon in the nucleic acid detection process and improve the detection accuracy.

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