In Whole-Exome Sequencing (WES) or Target Region Sequencing (TRS), blocking oligos couple with library adapter sequences to reduce the hybridization between adapters and capture probes during the library enrichment process. Synbio Technologies provides optimized and practical blocking oligos for minimizing the off-target effect of the capture probe and improving the specificity of capture sequencing.

We can customize blockers, offer comprehensive modifications, extra purification and special delivery format to meet our customers’ requests. Each Syno® Blocking Oligo is synthesized individually under stringent MS quality control and additional functional verification. We will deliver high-performance blocking oligos to effectively increase the capture efficiency with dual or single index adapters when library enrichment.

Competitive Advantages

  • High purity guarantee
  • Extremely low base error rate
  • Low cross-contamination
  • Customizable services

Blocking Oligos Application