Adapter ligation is a critical step in the NGS process. The process involves the addition of a defined sequence to the end of the fragmented, end-repaired or dA-tailed DNA samples. To comply with our customers’ requests, Synbio Technologies has launched a series of adapter products for various high-throughput sequencing platforms. These platforms were developed through considerable research and development in order to upgrade production processes for optimized synthesis and stringent quality control. Using these platforms we can deliver high quality adapters to enable efficient adapter ligation, sufficient library yields and minimized mismatch/sequencing errors to ensure that the Syno® adapters meet your every NGS request.

Competitive Advantages

  • High Coupling Efficiency: Minimally reduce the dimer generation of synthetic oligos.
  • Exclusive Production Processes: Standardized and stringent quality controls ensure batch-to-batch consistency.
  • Low Levels of the Cross-Contamination: Strict purification satisfies the elevated quality, often with purity ≥ 90%.
  • Flexible oligo Specifications: Highly customized formulation, mixing options and documentations are available.

Comprehensive Adapter Capabilities

Low Levels of the Cross-Contamination

Coupling Efficiency Verification

High Purity Guarantee

Strict purification processes ensure high purity primers with a purification efficiency of over 90%.

Extremely Low Base Error Rare

Molecular weight error range is less than one thousandth.

Service Specifications

Specification Length Purification Turnaround Time Deliverables Price
Indexed Adapters ~65bp PAGE/HPLC 5~7 Business Days Products in tube/plate; COA Inquire

Adapters Application in NGS Workflow