To achieve desired rates and yields, bioprocess development is an important step for biological products from early laboratory development to large-scale production. Bioprocess development requires comprehensive consideration of many factors, including experimental subjects, fermentation equipment, fermentation conditions (C/N ratio, DO, pH, temperature etc.), downstream product recovery, etc. Reasonable engineering design helps to achieve large-scale commercial production. With the development of genomics, proteomics and metabolomics, microbial fermentation and bioreactor cultures of animal and plant cells offer great potential for biological feed, biological agriculture, bioenergy, and biopharmaceuticals.

Synbio Technologies’s platform has matured protein expression technology, equipped with bench-top fermenters. We can provide culture medium and fermentation process optimization from flask to bioreactor to help our customers accelerate the production process of target recombinant proteins and antibodies.

Competitive Advantages

  • One-Stop Services: Whole process from gene synthesisstrain construction, to bioreactor production.
  • Large-Scale Production: Equipped with 10L, 100L, 500L E.coli fermenters, and can provide protein products from milligram to gram scale.
  • Reasonable Bioprocess Development: Our bioprocess development guarantees the successful transformation of small-scale to large-scale production processes.
  • High Purity and Quality: Rich experience and strict process control ensure the high quality of our products.

Research Strategy

Strain Construction

  • NG™ Codon Optimization
  • Gene Synthesis & Vector Construction

Small-Scale Bioprocess Development

  • Expression Strain Optimization
  • Growth Conditions Optimization
  • Purification Method Optimization

Large-scale Preparation

  • E.coli Fermenters
  • Yeast Fermenters
  • Cell Culture Bioreactors

Large-scale Purification

  • AKTA Explorer
  • Low Temperature Storage

Service Specifications

Service Description Turnaround Time Price
10mg Prokaryotic Expression & Purification
  • >90% purity
  • Certificate of analysis
3-4 weeks $1,500
11~50mg Prokaryotic Expression & Purification 3-4 weeks $2,000
51~100mg Prokaryotic Expression & Purification 4-5 weeks $3,000
1g Prokaryotic Expression & Purification 6-7 weeks $10,000
Endotoxin Removal Endotoxin level <200EU/ml 1-2 weeks $450

Service Specifications