Microbial engineering includes strain propagation, cell production, metabolite fermentation, and utilization of microbial functions. We can use microbial cells for fermentation to produce useful products. For example, single-cell proteins can be produced during fermentation to produce high protein yields to meet people’s daily protein needs. Synbio can help our customers engineer efficient microbial cell factories (model and non-model microbes) to produce phytochemicals and various natural products.

Microbial engineering bacteria construction

Research Workflow

Competitive Advantages

  • One-stop Services: From the initial design plan to target metabolite production.
  • NGTM Codon Optimization Technology: Improve the expression level of metabolites of most engineered bacteria.
  • Highly Customized: Microbial engineering bacteria is customized according to customers’ needs.

Service Specifications

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  • Microbial engineering
  • Target metabolites analysis



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