The binding affinity of an antibody is one of the key parameters to determine the efficacy and dosage of an antibody drug. Currently, the methods for improving the binding affinity of antibodies mainly focus on site-mutation, CDR rearrangement, DNA recombinant, etc. With our unique and effective affinity maturation technology, we can quickly spot the key amino acid site in antibody domain. This, in turn, increases the binding affinity of the antibody, reaching at least nM level.

Competitive Advantages

  • Effective random mutation through DNA-shuffling
  • Mature phage display platform assuring high-quality affinity maturation services
  • Precise affinity evaluation
  • Competitive pricing

Service Specifications

Details Deliverables Turnaround Time
(Business Days)
DNA Shuffling
  1. Antibody sequence and sequencing report
  2. Top 1-3 of the optimized antibodies
  3. Full analysis report (PDF)
6-7 Months
Library Construction and Screening
Antibody Production and Characterization

Work Flow