Phage display is a widely used technique for the study of protein–protein, protein–peptide, and protein–DNA interactions. With the development of antibody drugs and vaccines, phage display libraries have a revolutionized impact on antibody engineering. It makes it possible for screening and identifying billions of target-binding proteins in a short time.

Synbio Technologies utilizes an M13 single-stranded filamentary phage display system, making the recombinant proteins or antibodies co-express with the phage pIII protein. With the help of helper phages, the proteins or antibodies will participate in the phage assembly and be displayed on the phage surface to form a phage display library. After several rounds of affinity screening with specific target molecules, the one which can specifically bind to target molecules will be enriched and obtain the corresponding DNA information by sequencing.

Synbio Technologies’s phage display technology has been successfully applied in synthetic scFv antibody library construction. We also can provide flexible and efficient customized services according to the special needs of customers.

Competitive Advantages

  • Powerful bio-computation: Powerful cloud computing or supercomputing services and proprietary software platforms assist the antibody discovery.
  • High diversity: Exquisite design creates high diversity of the synthetic antibody libraries.
  • High quality libraries: The updated phage display system provides guarantee for larger storage capacity and higher positive rate.
  • Cost-Effective: Competitive prices and affordable services.

Service Specifications

Process Details Deliverables Turnaround Time
Obtain sequence Obtain antibody sequence from RT-PCR and sequencing, database, or computational design.
  • Construct
  • Phagemid library and COA
  • Phage library
  • Sequence of the selected antibody
  • Complete antibody construction and antibody expression (Optional)
1-2 weeks
Vector construction Clone in the phage display vector. 2-3 weeks
Transform E.coli and Library construction Transform the constructs into TG1 competent cells, then prepare the plasmid and identify the capacity and accuracy of the library. 2-3 weeks
Antibody library production Helper phages infect, the antibody will be displayed on the surface of the phage in the process of phage assembly. 1-2 weeks
Titering Collect the antibody phage and determine the titer of phage. 1 weeks
Enrichment of screening Several rounds of screening of the antibody phage with the target antigen. 2-3 weeks
Phage ELISA (Optional) ELISA detection of the selected antibody. 1 weeks
Sequencing Perform sequencing of the selected antibody. 2-3 weeks
Protein expression (Optional) Vector construct of the sequenced VH &VL, then perform antibody expression. 2-3 weeks

Service Flow