Hybridoma technology has forged remarkable new approaches toward therapeutic mAb discovery, as well as disease diagnosis and prevention. Synbio Technologies has a robust antibody drug discovery platform utilized by our talented scientific team from both local and international antibody specialists. This platform provides a full range of services in custom monoclonal antibody production including immunization, hybridoma development, antibody discovery, antibody functional screening assays, antibody engineering, and antibody expression. Using this platform, we can deliver up to 10 high-quality functional hybridoma clones to jumpstart our customers’ antibody research.

Competitive Advantages

  • Proprietary Immunization Technology: Compared to traditional immunogen design, our Universal AntigenTMcan induce antibodies to recognize epitopes containing less than 5 amino acids.
  • One Stop Solution: Streamlined strategy from immunization to hybridoma generation and characterization.
  • Reliable High-Throughput Screening Assays: Optimized immunization and high-throughput screening for affinity measurements, epitope binning, isotyping, etc.
  • Comprehensive Functional Assay: Extensive experience in antibody affinity ranking, affinity measurement, cross-reactivity, and other in-vitro biological analysis.

Service Specifications

Milestones Details
  • Immunization of mice, transgenic mice or rat (according to customer’s request)
  • Serum test
  • Maintain immunized (6 months)
Cell Fusion & Screening
  • Cell fusion
  • Primary screening
  • Clones amplification / Supernatant collection
  • Secondary screening
  • Clones selection and freezing (50-100 positive clones)
Cell Screening & Isotyping
  • All cell isotyping based on epitope-binding groups
  • Bioactivity evaluation of all positive clones (50-100 clones)
Antibody Production
  • Small scale antibody production (50-100 clones, supernatants, 1-5mg purified antibody / clone)
First Delivery
  • Supernatants / purified mAb (for in vitro functional assay and affinity analysis)
Functional Assay (Optional)
  • Functional assay provided if requested
Subcloning, Amplification & Cryopreservation
  • Subcloning and screening
  • Clone freezing (several vials for each clone)
Final delivery
  • Final purified mAb
  • Full reports