Synthetic antibody libraries help to design, construct, and successfully generate highly functional antibodies for various applications. Its characteristics of optimized framework sequences (a robust scaffold) and controlled CDRs diversity give it unique advantages compared to natural antibodies.
Synbio Technologies utilizes random mutagenesis across the entire V (D) J region or only to the complementarity-determining regions (CDRs) by error-prone PCR to create the error-prone scFv variant antibody library. The mutational distribution may appear across the entire length of the scFv antibody sequence or the CDRs, and the libraries encoding multiple combinations can be very large for in vitro screening and provide more possibilities in antibody functionality research.

Competitive Advantages

  • High diversity: Exquisite design creates high diversity of the recombinant antibody libraries.
  • High quality libraries: The updated phage display system provides a guarantee for larger storage capacity and highly functional antibodies (Antibody affinity and stability maturation).
  • Cost-Effective: Competitive prices and affordable services.

Service Specifications

Process Details Deliverables Turnaround Time
Template sequence construction Clone the template sequence in pUC57 vector.
  • Template sequence construct
  • Variable fragment phagemid library and COA
1-2 weeks
Vector construction Perform error-prone PCR and clone scFv in the antibody expression vectors. 2-3 weeks
Transform E.coli and Library construction Transform the constructs into TG1 competent cells, then prepare the plasmid and identify the capacity and accuracy of the library. 2-3 weeks

Service Flow