Synbio Technologies has developed an integrated antibody humanization and affinity maturation platform based on the advanced phage/yeast display technologies and progressive computer modeling and simulation techniques. Collectively, we have combined methods from bioinformatics and structural biology to optimize our approach toward integrated antibody humanization. Our antibody humanization services include in silico CDR-grafting, computer-aided design and optimization, high-throughput screening of phage-display antibodies, and Biacore surface resonance analysis. With this approach, we are able to provide humanized antibodies with diminished immunogenicity, which have comparable or better specificity, bioactivity, thermos-stability, and productivity than parental antibodies.

The Synbio Difference: Innovation, Quality, and Unmatched Expertise

  • Extensive Experience: Our team has practical experience with humanized antibody design, screening, and production to ensure the success of our customers’ projects.
  • In Silico Design: Effective and reliable antibody modeling and simulations from multiple antibody databases.
  • High-Throughput Screening: Phage/yeast display platform design enhances the yield of valid antibodies.
  • Guaranteed Affinity: After affinity maturation, the final construct’s affinity is guaranteed to be within three-fold.
Antibody Humanziation

Service Specifications

Details Deliverables Turnaround Time
(Business Days)
  • Chimeric antibody construction
  • Antigen-antibody binding analysis
  1.  4 – 5 humanized antibody VH/VL variants and corresponding Fv-DNA sequences.
  2. At least 1 variant with binding affinity comparable to parental antibody.
  3. Full report (PDF)
4-5 Months
  • Antibody model library construction
  • Phage/Yeast display antibody library construction
  • High-throughput antibody screening
  • Humanized antibody characterization and production

Case Study 

Through our antibody humanization design platform, 25 humanized antibodies were designed and screened. Through the Elisa test, we screened four antibodies, H5L4, H6L4, H5L6 and H7L6, for the next affinity test (H1L1 was the control), and the affinity of the humanized antibodies was comparable to that of the control. 

Antibody Humanization Case Study