Recombinant antibodies, such as single domain antibodies (sdAb), are a new generation of engineered antibody fragment that consist of a single monomeric variable antibody domain. sdAb is smaller, more soluble, and has higher stabilities than conventional antibodies. sdAb also features higher permeability, lower immunogenicity, and both simple and cost-effective production procedures. Based on Synbio Technologies’ extensive expertise in sdAb and advanced sdAb discovery technology, we can provide our customers with a comprehensive one stop solution from antigen production to specific recombinant sdAb expression.

Competitive Advantages

  • Experienced antibody production team
  • Proprietary Universal AntigenTM immunization technology
  • Robust phage-display technology platform
  • Advanced yeast-display technology platform (Large library capacity: ~ 109)
  • Cost effective and milestone payment scheme

Service Specifications

Milstones Standard Deliverables Turnaround Time
(Business Days)
Camel immunization (eg. dromedaries, camels, llamas, and alpacas)
  1. A glycerol stock of sdAb expressing bacteria (TG1)
  2. Phage-displayed sdAb library
  3. Top 5 identified sdAb strain and corresponding sequences
  4. Full reports (PDF)
10-11 Months
PBMC isolation & immune library construction
Screening of phage-displayed library
Functional assay for sdAb
Large scale sdAb expression by yeast (followed by properties identification)

Standard Process

Single Domain Antibody sdAb service