Gene synthesis is a kind of technique that has been used to synthesize double-stranded DNA molecules in vitro by artificial ways. It is different from the single-stranded oligonucleotide synthesis in term of the sequence length. The longest synthesized oligonucleotide fragment is just up to 100nt. However, double-stranded DNA molecules, as products of the gene synthesis, can reach 50bp-12 kbp in length. Besides, compared with the approach of gaining genes from existing organisms, gene synthesis do not need templates, so it is not restricted by gene donors.

The first artificially synthesized gene appeared in the 1960s. As a main subject in current synthetic biology, gene synthesis sets a new direction for human beings to change organisms in gene level. It is predictable that in the near future gene synthesis will play a significant role in life science. Moreover, its advantages in new energy, new materials, artificial organisms, DNA vaccines, and biomedicine, have initially been noted by scientists.

Synbio Technologies provides our customers comprehensive DNA solutions that can satisfy all their DNA manufacturing needs. Our Syno® DNA synthesis platforms provide gene and fragment synthesis, high-throughput DNA synthesis, pathways synthesis, genome assembly, etc. Our proprietary algorithm based on DNA sequence complexity index (CI) system can precisely facilitate the success of complex sequences, for example: repeated sequences, high/low GC content, hairpin and poly structure, ultra-long sequences (up to 150 kb), etc. We have developed the most complete platforms of oligo synthesis, gene synthesis (fragment and clonal genes) and next-generation high-throughput gene synthesis to meet our customers’ needs in quality, speed, budget, and applications.

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