At Synbio Technologies we pride ourselves in being one of the premier companies within not only the gene synthesis industry, but the biotechnology industry as a whole. This confidence is relying upon our tested and proven methods of gene synthesis. Gene synthesis can be defined as the method in synthetic biology used to engineer an artificial gene of interest in a laboratory setting. Ever since gene synthesis was first successfully conducted in the early 1970s it has become a highly sought mechanism in various fields of genetics research. For this reason many companies, like Synbio Technologies, have been attempting to optimize their gene synthesis products; but none of them have done this with quite success like Synbio Technologies. Our Syno Platform allows us to generate any sequence of interest up to and including 150 Kb in length. Another aspect of gene synthesis that Synbio Technologies has to offer is our gene synthesis plasmid preparation. Using this technology we are capable of generating any sequence and inserting it into any plasmid of interest. For gene synthesis plasmid preparation there are typically two forms of final product: transfection grade and research grade. Both differ slightly in their mechanism of being generated, as well as research application. Through use of Synbio Technology’s Syno® Platform, as well as our gene synthesis plasmid preparation we are ready to supply our customers with whichever plasmid product is necessary.

The differences between the transfection grade and research grade generated plasmids lies mainly in the applications each particular plasmid is used for. First, the research grade is used more in a laboratory setting to conduct various types of genetics research. These topics include: molecular cloning, mutagenesis, southern blotting, etc. All of these methods are used in order to conduct various types of genetics research with use of gene synthesis. Where gene synthesis comes in is through the insertion of the requested sequence into the plasmid. This insertion, and subsequent amplification, allows our customers to conduct any type of research necessary that requires a research grade plasmid construction. Second, the transfection grade plasmid is used mainly for protein manufacturing, antibody production and other forms of gene therapy. The link between this plasmid and gene synthesis is again the insertion of the sequence of interest into the particular plasmid. This can be extremely useful when conducting different types of gene therapy. The requested sequence can be loaded into the plasmid with the hopes of reversing the endogenous mutated gene of interest. This powerful technology has the ability to further our understanding of genetics and it is all thanks to gene synthesis.

Gene synthesis is something that Synbio Technologies does extremely well, mainly relying upon our Syno® Gene Synthesis Platform. This platform is used to generate the customer requested sequence with one hundred percent accuracy. The resulting gene synthesis product can then be used in order to prepare a plasmid of interest. This process is normally quite daunting, but Synbio Technologies is more than confident in our ability to generate the requested gene synthesis product and resulting gene synthesis plasmid. This process is all done within a quick turnaround time and competitive prices. For this reason, Synbio Technologies has risen to the top of not only the gene synthesis industry, but the resulting biotechnology industry as well. We offer a one stop shop for our customer’s gene synthesis plasmid preparation, with competitive prices, high quality output, and an efficient turnaround time. With this combination, our customers will be conducting research in no time with confidence in the product that we supply them.

Gene Synthesis Related Services

Synbio Tenchologies can also design sequencing with codon optimization software -NGTMCodon Optimization Technology at no cost.