CRISPR technology, as the third generation of gene editing technology after ZFN and TALEN, has the characteristics of high efficiency, speed, and accuracy. It is widely used in gene function research, drug development, crop breeding, molecular diagnosis, precision medicine, and other fields. Using CRISPR libraries for genome function screening has always been a popular research method, reported by well-known journals all over the world.

CRISPR libraries are a powerful tool for scientific research, but universal application is difficult to reach due to its large workload and high cost. Synbio Technologies focuses on the research of CRISPR gene editing technology, continuously working to increase the number of services and products offered. We have recently launched our Syno® Human Genome CRISPR Knockout Library service, leading design and standardized library construction to achieve high-quality delivery, reduce customer research costs, and shorten the product delivery cycle.

Our Syno® Human Genome CRISPR Knockout Libraries select sgRNA sequences with a high score according to the phenotypes in the previously published CRISPR screening recorded in the Genome CRISPR database, based on the criteria of high target activity and low off-target efficiency combined with a variety of different design principles. According to recently published scoring rules, Syno® CRISPR libraries scored better than GeCKOv2 libraries and randomly selected published sgRNA samples.

Syno® Human Genome CRISPR Knockout Libraries consist of three independent sub libraries: A, B, and C. Library A and B contain 18,913 and 18,334 protein coding genes respectively. Sub library A contains the best ranked sgRNA according to the design criteria to achieve high-quality screening under low library coverage. Sub Library B contains a second layer of sgRNA, which can be used to supplement sub library A when higher sgRNA coverage is required.

By integrating the standardized resources of large-scale CRISPR screening and multiple efficiency indicators, sub Library C evaluates and sorts more than 300,000 unique sgRNAs in the widely used CRISPR library, and designs an optimized human minimum genome knockout library. For 18,761 genes, 2 optimized sgRNAs are designed for each gene, in total, there were 37,522 gene targeted and 200 non-targeted sgRNAs. The size of sub Library C is smaller than the currently published human genome CRISPR library. Although the sub Library C is small, it does not affect the identification of necessary genes. It is mostly used for CRISPR screening of cancer cell models under complex conditions.

Competitive Advantages

  1. Accurate sgRNA Design: sgRNA sequences with high target activity and low off-target rate are designed by using effective sgRNA design models and deep learning algorithms.
  2. Optimized Vector: LentiCRISPRv2 vector with Puro drug screening function can be used for lentivirus packaging and improve transfection efficiency.
  3. Cost Saving: High editing efficiency CRISPR library reduces the difficulty of later screening and further reduces research cost.
  4. One-Stop Service: We provide customized services such as NGS verification, virus packaging, and bioinformatics analysis.
  5. Strict Quality Control: The coverage of the constructed library is > 99.9%, and the uniformity is < 10.

Service Specifications

Catalog Product Name Sequence Information Vector Information Specifications Price
STCRI211101 Syno® Human Genome CRISPR Knockout Libraries Sub library A
18,913 genes are targeted, 74,552 sgRNA sequences and 435 control (non-targeted) sgRNA sequences are designed, with a total of 74,987 sgRNA sequences.
lentiCRISPR v2 (with Puro mark) 200μg Quote
STCRI211102 Sub Library B
18,334 genes are targeted, 71,048 sgRNA sequences and 435 control (non-targeted) sgRNA sequences are designed, with a total of 71,483 sgRNA sequences.
lentiCRISPR v2 (with Puro mark) 200μg Quote
STCRI211103 Sub Library C
18,761 genes are targeted, 37,522 sgRNA sequences and 200 control (non-targeted) sgRNA sequences are designed, with a total of 37,722 sgRNA sequences.
lentiCRISPR v2 (with Puro mark) 200μg Quote

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