Our high-throughput gene editing vectors provide a robust carrier skeleton that is essential for sgRNA library construction and delivery. These libraries can then be transfected into target cells through a range of methods, including viral infection and electroporation, making it easier than ever for you to perform large-scale gene editing experiments.

Product Advantages

  • Wide Species Coverage: Unlock the unique advantages of plant, animal, and microorganism vectors with our diverse range of species coverage.
  • Variety of Editing Functions: With various editing functions such as knockdown, activation, and inhibition, our gene editing vectors are perfect for biological research, disease treatment, and agricultural biotechnology.
  • Abundant Vector Resources: Choose from a wide range of vectors that correspond with your research species and target sequence, with many customization options to fulfill all your research requirements with accuracy and efficiency.
  • Quality Assurance: We adhere to rigorous quality control standards to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations for our premium-grade plasmids.
CRISPR Vector Name Catalog # Plasmid Details Vector Host Screening Marker
CRISPR KO Vector (All-in-one System) STCRI24401 U6:sgRNA-EF-1a:Cas9-P2A-Puro Mammals, Lentivirus Amp/Puro
CRISPR KO Vector (All-in-one System) STCRI24402 U6 :sgRNA-EF-1a:Cas9-P2A-EGFP Mammals, Lentivirus Amp/EGFP
CRISPR KO Vector (All-in-one System) STCRI24403 U6:sgRNA-EF1a:Cas9-P2A-mCherry-Puro Mammals, Lentivirus Amp/Puro/mCherry
Cas9 Vector (Double-Vector System 1) STCRI24404 EF-1a:Cas9-P2A-Blast Mammals, Lentivirus Amp/Blast
Cas9 Vector (Double-Vector System 1, Inducible expression Vector) STCRI24405 Tight TRE promoter:Cas9-hPGK promoter:Blast Mammals, Lentivirus Amp/Blast
sgRNA Vector (Double-Vector System 2) STCRI24406 U6:sgRNA-EF-1a:Puro Mammals, Lentivirus Amp/Puro
sgRNA Vector (Double-Vector System 2) STCRI24407 EF1a:DsRed-Monomer-U6:sgRNA Mammals, Lentivirus Amp/Puro/DsRed
sgRNA Vector (Double-Vector System 2) STCRI24408 U6:sgRNA-EF-1a:Puro-P2A-EGFP Mammals, Lentivirus Amp/Puro/EGFP
sgRNA Vector (Double-Vector System 2, Single cell screening) STCRI24409 U6:sgRNA-EF-1a:Puro Mammals, Lentivirus Amp/Puro
CRISPR KO Vector (All-in-one System) STCRI24410 CMV:SaCas9-U6:Sa-gRNA scaffold Mammals, AAV Amp
CRISPR KO Vector (All-in-one System) STCRI24411 CMV:SaCas9-T2A-mCherry-U6:Sa-gRNA scaffold Mammals, AAV Amp/mCherry
Dual-sgRNA CRISPR KO Vector (All-in-one System) STCRI24412 U6:sgRNA-U6:sgRNA-CBh:Cas9 Mammals Amp
CRISPR KO Vector (All-in-one System) STCRI24413 chicken β-actin promoter:Cas9-2A-Puro-U6:sgRNA Mammals Amp/Puro
Cas9 Vector STCRI24414 chicken β-actin promoter:Cas9-2A-EGFP Mammals Amp/GFP
sgRNA Vector STCRI24415 U6:sgRNA-PGK:Puro Mammals Amp/Puro/Fluc
CRISPRa Vector (Double-Vector System 1) STCRI24416 EF-1a:dCas9-VP64-RelA(p65)AD-Rta AD-T2A-EGFP Mammals, Lentivirus Amp/EGFP
CRISPRa Vector (Three-Vector System, SAM System 1) STCRI24417 EF-1a:dCas9-VP64-T2A-Blast Mammals, Lentivirus Amp/Blast
CRISPRa Vector (Three-Vector System, SAM System 1) STCRI24418 EF-1a:dCas9-VP64-T2A-EGFP Mammals, Lentivirus Amp/EGFP
CRISPRa Vector (Three-Vector System, SAM System 2) STCRI24419 EF-1a:MS2-N55K-p65-HSF1-T2A-HygR Mammals, Lentivirus Amp/HygR
CRISPRa Vector (Three-Vector System, SAM System 3) STCRI24420 U6:sgRNA-MS2 stem loop-PGK:puro-T2A-BFP Mammals, Lentivirus Amp/Puro/BFP
CRISPRi Vector (All-in-one System) STCRI24421 U6:sgRNA-hUbC promoter:dCas9-KRAB-T2A-Puro Mammals, Lentivirus Amp/Puro
CRISPR KO Vector (All-in-one System) STCRI24422 35s:Cas9-AtU6-26:sgRNA Arabidopsis Thaliana Kan/Hygro
CRISPR KO Vector (All-in-one System) STCRI24423 35s:Cas9-AtU6-26:sgRNA Arabidopsis Thaliana Kan and Spec/Hygro
CRISPR KO Vector (All-in-one System) STCRI24424 rice snoRNA U3 promoter :sgRNA- rice Ubi:Cas9 Rice Kan/Hygro
CRISPRi Vector (All-in-one System) STCRI24425 T5-lac operator:dCas9-J23119:sgRNA E.coli SmR
sgRNA Vector (Double-Vector System) STCRI24426 J23119 (SpeI) :sgRNA E.coli Amp
sgRNA Vector (Double-Vector System) STCRI24427 J23119 (SpeI) :sgRNA E.coli Spec
Cas9 Vector (Double-Vector System) STCRI24428 tetR/tetA:SpCas9 E.coli Amp
CRISPRa Vector (All-in-one System) STCRI24429 EC2_10_dCas9_VPR_HC_sgRNA Yeast Kan/Neomycin (select with G418)
CRISPRi Vector (All-in-one System) STCRI24430 EC2_3_dCas9_Mxi_sgRNA Yeast Kan/Neomycin (select with G418)

We use the latest techniques and technologies to ensure that our vectors are of the highest quality, offering unparalleled performance and efficiency in high-throughput gene editing applications. Unlike some other methods of gene editing, which can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, our vectors are optimized for speed and efficiency and, enable you to achieve your goals faster than ever before.

Our team of expert scientists and technicians are constantly working to improve our gene editing technology, ensuring that you always have access to the latest and most advanced genetic engineering solutions. Whether you’re working in academia, pharmaceutical, or government industries, we know that our high-throughput gene editing vector construction services have the potential to revolutionize the way you approach gene editing research.