Artificial gene synthesis is a critically important technique in modern synthetic biology. The ability to easily customize and create DNA sequences based off of a single gene, gene clusters, or completely from scratch enables an enormous amount of versatility and a wide range of applications for synthetic DNA.

The necessity of long gene synthesis

Researchers often investigate the genetic causes of a particular target phenotype, frequently by examining the effects of site-directed mutations. Through artificial gene synthesis, inducing mutations, stretches, elongations, or other changes to a target gene sequence becomes substantially easier than before, allowing for efficient study of these mutant phenotypes.

In recent years, the importance of being able to analyze entire genomes or large collections of genes has become more and more pronounced. The necessity of having to look at mutations in the context of an organism’s genome means that being able to synthesize huge amounts of DNA with near-perfect fidelity is becoming increasingly relevant to many current experiments.

Gene Synthesis Scheme

Current solid-phase oligonucleotide synthesis technology can yield chemically synthetic gene constructs. However, it is generally limited to sequences of roughly 200 nucleotides in length. Another approach named Gibson assembly shares a similar drawback in that it is restricted to plasmids of around 10kb or less.

The need for technology that could handle synthesis of very large DNA sequences turned to yeast as the system of choice. Yeast can provide self-connection between multiple DNA fragments easily and rapidly without the application of polymerase or ligase. Synbio Technologies’s own proprietary Syno® platform, combined with the built-in homologous recombination technology of yeast, enables rapid and accurate assembly of various long DNA fragments and genomes of up to 150 Kb.

Synbio Technologies delivers more than 2 million base pairs of DNA sequences every month, all over the world. Any DNA sequence, even those possessing difficult characteristics such as high or low GC content, hairpin structures, or highly long/complex sequences, is able to be synthesized with 100% accuracy guaranteed. Synbio Technologies can provide large sale and low cost methods to accomplish gene synthesis including assembling long DNA segments at high accuracy and yield.

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