An interesting and important aspect of genetic research that has grown drastically in popularity over the last ten to fifteen years is gene synthesis . Gene synthesis can be defined as the construction of a physical genetic sequence from a requested sequence in text format. Gene synthesis allows us, at Synbio Technologies, to manufacture genetic sequences that may not already exist within nature. In addition to the de novo sequences generated, sequences can also vary greatly in length, from short sequences to large sequences up to 150 Kb. This process is carried out with Synbio Technology’s, patent pending, Syno® Platform. This three stage platform makes going from requested costumer specific sequence to physical copy of the sequence with ease. One aspect in particular that the Syno® Platform is known for is large gene synthesis. The Syno® platform has the ability to synthesize large genes up to and including 150 Kb in length. The wide range of possibilities makes Synbio Technology’s Syno® Platform attractive and sought out by researchers all over the world especially when it refers to large gene synthesis. This has led Synbio Technologies to become one of the premier companies within the realm of not only large gene synthesis, but any length gene synthesis. This confidence in our large gene synthesis relies upon one of the two most popular methods of gene synthesis, proven time and time again.

There are two common methods of large gene synthesis: Gibson Assembly Method and Yeast homologous recombination technology. The Gibson Assembly Method now the most common method of achieving directed cloning and in vitro multiple-segment assembly. The Gibson Assembly Method is commonly used by various companies to conduct gene synthesis for varying lengths. It is an effective method for gene synthesis, but the one major restriction that comes along with this method is the inability to easily synthesize fragments over 20kb in length. This is an acceptable method for small gene synthesis, but a different method is needed for large gene synthesis. The yeast homologous recombination technology has the ability to assemble fragments up to 1.08Mb in length. This length is larger than the average prokaryotic genome, making yeast homologous recombination technology a reliable method to use for both large and small gene synthesis. It is yeast homologous recombination that is utilized for Synbio Technology’s Syno® 2.0 and Syno® 3.0 platforms, the foundation of gene synthesis at Synbio Technologies. It is this technology that allows us to provide one-stop services which includes: basic gene synthesis, gene cluster, and large gene synthesis. With this technology, the Syno® Platforms not only makes it possible to synthesize large genes, but small genomes as well. In addition to the large gene synthesis, Synbio Technology also offers the ability to guarantee 100% sequence verification. This is carried out using Sanger sequencing at multiple steps of the Syno® Platform stages in order to verify the sequence accuracy. The sequencing verification is necessary when dealing with large gene synthesis. The accuracy of sequences of this length is not always guaranteed to be one hundred percent to the identical sequence with other companies, but with our Syno® Platform it is.

At Synbio Technologies we are more than confident in our abilities to generate your requested genetic sequence, up to and including 150 Kb in length. The possibility of synthesizing a gene this large has opened up a vast amount of new opportunities and approaches to various topics within genetics research. Large gene synthesis is not a task that is easily accomplished, but at Synbio Technologies we are capable of generating the requested sequence with one hundred percent accuracy in an efficient timeframe. This confidence is relying upon the efficiency and accuracy of our Syno® Platform and how it has been proved its ability to generate genetic sequences up to 150 Kb. In addition to this, our prices are at an all-time low, starting at $0.19 per base pair through our gene synthesis promotions. With this confidence in our large gene synthesis protocol and low prices we are more than ready to offer you the highest quality product for an extremely competitive price.

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Synbio Tenchologies can also design sequencing with codon optimization software -NGTMCodon Optimization Technology at no cost.