Synthetic biology research began with the redesign, reconstruction, and optimization of existing life systems, so that the transformed biological system can meet the purposeful engineering applications of human beings. It has now changed from a single gene research model to integrated modules and loops, based on multi-gene and systemic research on pathways (even genome-wide).

In July of 2016, American scientists proposed the Human Genome Writing Program (HGP-Write), with the goal of synthesizing a complete human within 10 years . The haploid genome consists of approximately 3 billion base pairs. The rapid development of synthetic biology, especially the start of the HGP-Write project, has made the demand for synthetic genes exponentially increase. A new generation of large-scale, low-cost, high-throughput gene synthesis and assembly technologies become a driving force in synthetic biology.

Synbio Technologies Synotype platform includes complete Syno® 1.0 – Syno® 3.0 DNA synthesis platforms. These three platforms have enabled us to form a complete DNA synthesis biological technology system, leading us in becoming an industry leader. As a reliable supplier of the new generation high-throughput chip DNA synthesis, we can parallelly synthesize tens to hundreds of thousands of primers onto a single semiconductor chip. Our innovative design and synthesis process and quality management ensure to provide the highest quality DNA fragments (including primers, elements, and genes), whole-gene synthesis, pathway synthesis, gene assembly, nucleotide pools, and various mutation library synthesis. Our genetic products and customized services cover the synthesis, construction, and shuttle of any DNA fragment into any vector system.

  • Our Syno® 1.0 – Syno® 3.0 complete DNA synthesis technology platforms are designed to meet our customers’ individual needs in terms of throughput, delivery cycle, price, difficulty, and so on.
  • Syno® 3.0 high-throughput DNA synthesis platform, with prices as low as $0.09/bp.
  • Ensure that the delivered gene sequence is 100% accurate.
  • Our patented NGTM Codon gene optimization software provides optimization for free and significantly improves protein expression levels.

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