The field of genetics research has come a long way since the early 1970s, and one of the massive advancements in the industry is gene synthesis. In the past, researchers would have to extract a sequence of interest from an organism to be able to study its function. However, technology has advanced, and gene synthesis allows scientists to construct a physical genetic sequence from a text format.

At Synbio Technologies, we’re proud to have patent-pending Syno® technology. Without Syno®, it would not be possible to make gene synthesis vectors available to our customers, as we’d be unable to transition from a sequence in text format to a tangible copy easily and accurately. Fortunately, we have Syno® technology, which enables us to obtain gene sequences that don’t exist naturally, allowing researchers to explore the full potential within genetic research.

Synbio Technologies can create and construct any requested gene synthesis vector using Syno® technology, providing customers with a vast range of options for a successful genetic study. Three of the most popular gene synthesis vectors we offer are short hairpin RNA (shRNA), transcription activator-line effector nuclease (TALEN), and CRISPR-Cas9. Each vector has a similar function in gene silencing, but they achieve this result through different methods, including RNA interference and genome editing techniques.

Gene silencing is an essential method used to determine the function of a particular gene by inactivating it and studying the effects of its absence. Once the gene has been “turned off”, researchers can observe the changes in phenotype and infer more about the function of the gene of interest.

At Synbio Technologies, our accuracy in producing any of the three vectors requested by our customers has brought us to the forefront of the gene synthesis industry. We are confident about this accuracy, as we offer our customers a one hundred percent accuracy guarantee on all generated sequences, providing the best possible knockout method. Additionally, we also offer competitive prices and fast turnaround times; within as few as ten days, the customer’s gene synthesis vector will be sent to their specified location.

Advancements in the field of genetics research have led to gene synthesis, providing researchers with a valuable solution to study gene function. At Synbio Technologies, we’re doing our part by providing customers with the highest quality gene synthesis vectors and competitive prices. We’re proud to be at the forefront of the gene synthesis industry and are excited to see what the future holds in genetic research.

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