At Synbio Technologies, we pride ourselves as being on the premier companies in the gene synthesis industry. Gene synthesis is defined as the method of synthetic biology that is used to engineer artificial genes in a laboratory setting. This technology has revolutionized the field of genetics, but can still have one small set back. This setback comes in the form of gene synthesis protein expression. One major problem is generating the necessary amount of protein expression critical in order to study various topics within the field of genetics. This problem arises from various predicaments that make certain aspects of research almost unbearable. A solution that Synbio Technologies offers is our gene synthesis protein expression package. Through the use of this package, we can guarantee up to 5 mg with 85% purity of the requested protein in a time efficient manner. At Synbio Technologies we offer a unique and revolutionary method of generating a customer requested sequence through the use of our Syno Gene Synthesis Platform. This three phase platform allows us to generate any requested genetic sequence, up to and including 150 Kb in length. With this platform we are more than capable of generating the requested genetic sequence while optimizing the gene synthesis protein expression along the way.

The gene synthesis protein package that Synbio Technologies has to offer has many cost effective and efficiency benefits when comparing to the “do it yourself” process. The overall process that Synbio Technologies has in place for optimizing gene synthesis protein expression includes: top-notch codon optimization, gene synthesis, protein expression, and 2-step purification. This process guarantees the highest quality product to our customers. Contrary to popular belief, this high quality product does not come with a large price tag, especially when compare to the “do it yourself” method. On average, our prices are over $1,000 cheaper, even when gene synthesis with codon optimization are included. This low price also comes with a much faster turnaround time, on average Synbio Technologies will have your final product prepared and shipped to your location three weeks faster than our customers who prefer the “do it yourself” method. One of the main reasons that Synbio Technologies is able to offer such ease in this aspect is through our use of the Syno Platform. The Syno Platform is the basis for increasing the resulting protein product with such accuracy in a quick turnaround time. The Syno Platform allows the customer to request a sequence of interest, in which we will generate a sufficient amount of the physical copy of the sequence with one hundred percent accuracy. This accuracy relies on multiple occasions of Sanger sequencing to verify the sequence validity after being generated and before amplification. This verification ensures that the highest quality product is shipped to our customers. The resulting sequence will then be put through expression tests in order to optimize the synthesized gene’s expression levels. These assessments guarantee the expression level will be up to par with the customer’s request. Once this is met, the protein is then purified to once again optimize the resulting product for later protein expression. The resulting final product is then shipped to the customer requested address. This process seems laborious, but at Synbio Technologies we offer quick turnaround times with the entire process from requested sequence to resulting protein at the customer’s location lasting six weeks.

With Synbio Technologies, accomplishing the proper gene synthesis expression level will be done with ease and efficiency in order to suite our customer’s request. The sequence of interest will be synthesized with one hundred percent accuracy, purified and optimized for the correct expression level. This confidence is relying upon Synbio Technology’s gene synthesis protein expression package. This package allows us to generate the requested amount of protein product and ship it to our customer’s within an efficient timeframe. This gene synthesis expression package has many advantages over the “do it yourself” process of generating the protein of interest, along with a smaller price tag. For these reasons, it is clear the Synbio Technologies is an optimum solution to all of our customer’s gene synthesis expression needs.

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