After its discovery and first successful application of gene synthesis in the early 1970s, by Har Gobind Khorana and associates, it has become a frequently used method within genetics and other biological research fields. Gene synthesis has a simple definition but long lasting impacts on the genetics research community and various other fields of research. Gene synthesis is the creation of a physical DNA sequence in a laboratory setting through use of various technologies. The process can easily take a requested sequence in text format and generate the physical copy of the requested sequence with ease and accuracy. Gene synthesis offers the unique ability to generate and later amplify genetic sequences that do not exist naturally in nature. This has many advantages in various fields of genetics research such as anti-biotic resistance and other evolutionary studies. At Synbio Technologies this process is accomplished through our, patent pending, Syno Platform. This platform contains three distinct phases that make going from text format to physical copy with ease and efficiency. In addition to this, Synbio Technologies offers various gene synthesis promotions that keep our prices competitive within the gene synthesis industry. The main gene synthesis promotion that we are currently offering is gene synthesis at only $0.19 per base pair. Normally $0.25 a base pair, this gene synthesis promotion is not one that can be easily passed up on. We keep our prices competitive, through our various gene synthesis promotions, and our quality guaranteed. With this combination it is possible to apply gene synthesis to various fields of genetics research with ease and for a competitive price.

Gene synthesis has applications in many different aspects of genetics research. It is applied throughout the medicinal community when studying cancer genetics and developing more effective vaccinations. Gene synthesis is also seen in the agricultural community when developing genetically modified crops that can better withstand any conditions, from arid summers to freezing winters and everything in between. Synbio Technologies is ready to offer an easier and cost effective approach to achieving these various types of research. At Synbio Technologies we offer an experience that is not commonly offered quite anywhere else when it comes to gene synthesis. On average our professional team has over ten years of hands-on experience in gene synthesis, while we average over 10 million base pairs synthesized per month. With this previous experience and constant business we are able to supply our customers with the highest quality output available for the lowest prices through our various gene synthesis promotions. In addition to our experience, using our Syno Platform we have multiple quality assessments in place to ensure the quality of the generated sequence. These quality assessments are used to verify that the sequence being generated by Synbio Technologies is identical to the sequence requested by the customer. At Synbio Technologies we guarantee the accuracy of the sequence, no matter what requested length up to and including 200kbs. As you can see, the gene synthesis promotions that Synbio Technologies has to offer are not limited to the price of synthesizing per base pair. The additional gene synthesis promotions come in the form of our hands-on experience, proven process through our Syno Platform, and high quality output. The combination of these gene synthesis promotions Synbio Technologies offers it is clear that we pride ourselves as being one of the leaders in the gene synthesis industry. Our methods have been tested, proved and verified, and we are confident in our ability to deliver the highest quality product to our customers in an efficient timeframe and cost effective manner. With these advantages you will have your high quality product, for as low as $0.19 per base pair, in a short timeframe and will be better suited to pursue any type of research you and your team are interested in.

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