The traditional method of studying a gene’s function is to extract the gene of interest, amplify it and put the resulting sequence through various molecular assessments. These assessments can vary from generating a frameshift mutation within the sequence, to upregulating the expression of the sequence in order to observe the resulting phenotypes the mutated sequence has induced on the organism. All of these methods are particularly important within the field of genetics research, but the methods of extracting these sequences to then mutate and study is becoming laborious and cumbersome. One, relatively recent and groundbreaking method, gene synthesis, has taken this traditional method of studying genetics and introduced some interest alterations. Gene synthesis is defined as the synthetic biology method used to engineer artificial genes within a laboratory setting. This method has allowed us, at Synbio Technologies, to go from a sequence in text format to physical copy of the genetic sequence itself with ease and extreme accuracy. Ever since gene synthesis was successfully conducted in 1972, by Hard Gobind Khorana and associates, this technology has been growing not only in popularity but in effectiveness and efficiency. One of the main reasons this technology has increased in popularity is that it allows for the creation of long, up to 150 Kb, sequences to be synthesized with extremely high accuracy. With the capability of generating sequences this large, gene synthesis gives a powerful approach to studying various topics such as complex pathways and generating synthetic DNA libraries. This high accuracy and relatively long length have promoted gene synthesis to be applied to various fields of genetics and biological research topics.

The fields of biological research that gene synthesis has been applied to vary from targeted mutagenesis in order to study a gene’s function to agriculture through increasing crop production. One of the main advantages that gene synthesis offers it the ability for a customer to request a specific sequence of DNA in text format up to 150 Kb in length. This text format is then converted into a physical copy with relative ease and high accuracy. The resulting sequence is then amplified an adequate amount of times in order to comply with the customer’s request. The accuracy allows the customer to generate a mutation anywhere within a gene of interest specific to their research topics. Not only can the mutation be generated anywhere, but any type of mutation can be used: frameshift, deamination, deletion, insertion, or nonsense mutation. In addition to this, gene synthesis can also be used to upregulate a gene of interest in order to cause an overexpression of the resulting phenotype. All of these mutations can be requested and inserted or applied the sequence of interest in order to obtain a better understanding of different types of genetics research such as evolution, or antibiotic resistance. In addition to these applications, gene synthesis has also been applied to agriculture through use of genetic engineering. Gene synthesis is the basis of genetic engineering, allowing for the creation of a resistance gene to a particular bacteria for example. The advantage that gene synthesis has to offer here is the ability to generate mutations within the synthesized gene to keep up with the constantly evolving bacteria. Gene synthesis through genetic engineering, have helped grow the agriculture industry, as well as develop a better understanding on how to improve crop survivability in varying climates as well as exposure to certain harmful bacteria. These applications have large impacts on not only the field of genetics, but the world. This is the main reason as to why Synbio Technologies is proud to be one of the premier companies within the gene synthesis industry.

At Synbio Technologies, we try to keep our gene synthesis process as simple as its definition. Gene synthesis is carried out with ease and extremely high accuracy through our Syno® Gene Synthesis Platform. This three phase platform allows us to generate the physical genetic sequence of the customer specified request. This generated sequences is guaranteed to be one hundred percent identical to the customer requested sequence. The guarantee is backed by Sanger sequencing at multiple phases of the three platforms. The resulting gene synthesis product will then be shipped to the customer specific location within an efficient timeframe. This entire process allows Synbio Technologies to offer the highest quality product, with an efficient turnaround time. These two aspects, combined with competitive prices and respectable reputation, it is clear that Synbio Technologies is one of the premier companies within the gene synthesis industry.

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