Synbio Technologies is a professional company dealing with gene synthesis and cloning. The company can provide artificial gene synthesis and traditional molecular services through our Syno®1.0, Syno®2.0 and Syno®3.0 gene synthesis platforms. Our Syno® platforms can conduct a variety of functions, including construction of a humanized antibody library, optimization of industrial enzymes, chromosomes/genome synthesis, development of genetic engineering vaccines and DNA information storage technology.

What is traditional molecular cloning?

Prior to the 1970s, molecular cloning had served as the foundation of technical expertise in labs worldwide for 30 years. Molecular cloning is a set of experimental methods that are used to assemble recombined DNA molecules and to direct their replication within host organisms.

Why gene synthesis?

Gene synthesis can artificially synthesize double-stranded DNA in vitro, with an assembly capacity of 50bp to 12Kb products. Gene synthesis differs from traditional molecular cloning and PCR cloning in several ways. The traditional molecular cloning is a set of experimental methods in molecular biology that are used to assemble recombined DNA molecules and to direct their replication within host organisms. However, not every gene has high-efficiency expression in these systems, meaning that molecular cloning may not be the best option for these genes. Instead, through gene synthesis, it is possible to avoid this problem by creating a new system with high-efficiency expression of the target gene.

The advantages of artificial gene synthesis:

  1. Saves time and labor
  2. Guarantees 100% sequencing accuracy
  3. Changes all target codons simultaneously, so it only needs to be done once
  4. It is possible to create new base pairings which could greatly expand the possibility of biological form.

The unique advantages of Synbio Technologies’ gene synthesis and cloning:

  1. Syno® 2.0 gene synthesis platform: The proprietary gene synthetic platform can synthesis any gene perfectly. At present, Synbio Technologies can synthesize over 10 million base pairs per month.
  2. NGTM Codon Optimization Technology: Codon optimization can increase protein expression and promote proper protein folding.
  3. High Quality: Effectively deliver high-quality complex sequences including those with repetitive sequences, strong hairpin structures, high GC content, poly structure, etc.
  4. Fast Turnaround: A normal sequence order can be completed within 5 business days with 100% accuracy.
  5. Cost-effective: Starting from 1 cent/nt by Syno® 3.0 high throughput DNA synthesis platform.
  6. Capability: Synbio Technologies can synthesize single 150 Kb DNA fragments with high fidelity.

Gene Synthesis Related Services

Synbio Tenchologies can also design sequencing with codon optimization software -NGTMCodon Optimization Technology at no cost.