Syno 2.0: PCR based enzyme synthesis

Syno 2.0 platform of Synbio Tech. is an industrialized de novo DNA synthesis platform. In Syno 2.0, our commitment is to translate the advanced DNA engineering technologies into reliable and cost-effective biological solutions. Our team has accumulated many advanced techniques that include large DNA fragments assembling (up to 150 Kb), manipulating toxic or unstable DNA fragments in a variety range of cell systems (for example: E. coli; Yeast; insect cell; mammalian cell, etc.). We offer services that include de novo gene/pathway/genome synthesis, DNA engineering, mutagenesis, DNA cloning and sub-cloning, PCR-cloning, plasmid DNA preparation, etc.. Our innovative manufacturing process allows us to offer the highest quality DNA with the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

Syno 2.0 platform including:

With our Syno 2.0 platform, you can:

  • Generate native DNA sequences
  • Create de novo DNA sequences
  • Build genes, chassis, operons, pathways and genomes
  • Build DNA variant library
  • Improve the features of a protein
  • Test all of the orthologs of a particular gene
  • Optimize any antibody through affinity maturation


  • Technique support: Free
  • Sequence optimization (Optional): Free
  • Synthesis: Starting at 0.25 $/bp
  • TAT: As fast as 5 business days