Generation I (Syno®1.0) through Generation III (Syno®3.0) DNA synthesis platforms

We coined the word “Synotype” that represents artificially designing and constructing biological parts, systems, and machines for useful purposes. In addition, our comprehensive Genotype-Phenotype-Synotye (GPS) platform offers new biological solutions to 1). high performing molecules including antibody, enzyme and pathway; 2). an effective drug discovery; 3). precise medicine, and green environment etc.

Synbio Tech.’s proprietary Synotype platform constitutes generation I (Syno®1.0) through generation III (Syno®3.0) DNA synthesis and manipulation technologies. Synbio Technologies’ innovative Syno® platforms provide the novel synthetic biology solutions to: 1) high quality de novo DNA synthesis; 2) cost-effective DNA synthesis; 3) high throughput DNA manufacture; 4) genome & pathway synthesis and 5) DNA library synthesis. Synbio Technologies’ comprehensive synotype platforms make Synbio Technologies up to 5 times cost and time effective than our competitors. You can count on Syno® platforms that are the highest quality standard in the market regarding to gene synthesis, genome synthesis, pathway synthesis and comprehensive synthetic biology.

Syno® platforms

Syno®1.0 Oligo Synthesis

In addition to the conventional primer, the Syno®1.0 Oligo Synthesis platform can provide high-throughput synthesis overlong primer, high purity primer, degenerate primer, modified primer and fluorescent probe primers for customers.

Syno®2.0 Gene Synthesis

On the basis of Syno®1.0 short DNA fragments, Syno®2.0 is an advanced assembly technology platform. The patent NGTMCodon can provide sequential optimization for free. The advanced Syno®2.0 platform can provide fast and efficient gene synthesis services with 100% accuracy.

Syno®3.0 Large-scale (up to 1-10 million bp scale) DNA Synthesis

Synbio technologies’ next generation DNA synthesis platform is a chip-base DNA synthesis. The Syno® 3.0 process allows us to offer the highest quality DNA fragments, de novo synthesized genes, pathways, genomes and variant libraries at the lowest price in the industry.

Syno®Synthetic DNA Libraries

The application of Syno®synthetic DNA libraries include: alanine scan library, site saturation library, random substitution library, antibody library, modular substitution library.

RNA Synthesis